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Choosing Quality Wild Bird Food

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Feeding the birds is a past time for some people. While you take a stroll with the kids or alone at the park, you may find it interesting to feed the birds. For some people feeding birds is a passion. Bird watchers are not only best at recognizing and naming birds, but also at the knowledge of bird food. Peanuts are most commonly used as bird food as it comes handy in the home kitchens.

There are a myriad variety of birds. It will be surprising to know, that the type of birdfood you choose determines the species of the bird that visits your yard. Like, niger seed attract goldfinches, sunflower hearts attract blue jays, finches and sparrows. Woodpeckers like to feast on suet.

You can choose and buy variety of birdfood and seeds from the local pet shops. Often these shops store the most commonly used mixed seeds. Mixed seeds are very popular among the bird watchers.
Mixed seeds attract different kinds of birds as they contain a mix of different birdfood. Mixed seeds are available in assorted packets and can be picked up from the racks of local pet shops.

It is advisable to use mixed seeds as these seeds only have the edible part and thus wastage is avoided. You can put these seeds in the bird feeders and have the bird flying in and out the entire day.

There is one disadvantage of using mixed seeds this is, that the birds discard what they do not like and hence there can be a little mess below the hanging feeders.

During the winters, there become a general scarcity of bird foods. Feeding the birds with food containing suet could be the ideal way out in those days. Suet is high in protein as it is made of animal fat along with some bird seed. Thus in the winter months it is important to give them birdfood high in carbohydrates and protein.

Along with the birdfood, you should also put some water out. It not only quenches the thirst of the birds but also serves as birdbaths. You can keep food and water on bird tables. There is a wide range of bird feeders available in the market. Hanging feeders are used most commonly. There are also garden pole systems, deluxe bird feeding stations, chislet bird table, nest boxes and more.

When wild bird feeding becomes more than just a past time, you need to read some good bird books. These books give you a lot of information on wild bird food, mealworms, feeders and even bird care. There are a plenty of bird books available on the Internet.

The most important advice to people buying bird food is to check on the quality. Do not compromise on the standard of the birdfood just because of the price. Feed the birds little but not something low on quality.

Feeding and watching birds can bust stress to a great level. When you are leaving for a holiday, remember to load the bird feeders to the maximum. This will enable the birds to have their feast even while you are away!