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Your Puppy Diet

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We humans consume a stable amount of vitamins and minerals in order to keep our body healthy and sound. Moreover, without vitamins our body has difficulties in performing daily tasks, like fighting against infections, building immune system, physical exercise and so on. As the role of vitamins is to make us stronger and healthier, same concept works for our pets also. However, the difference is that pets are not able to identify what can be beneficial for them. Hence we have to decide how to feed them a healthy diet, so that they have a stronger resistance to diseases.

All the leading manufacturers of dog food supplements spend their much time studying various proportions of dog vitamins. Well, you cannot feed the diet of a 2 year to puppy to the one with 8 years of age.

Age and lifestyle plays a major role in selecting the food-

Several ailments in pets are caused by wrong selection of food for them, this can result in obesity, heart disease etc. Similar to the diet available for humans, puppy foods are also classified according to their ingredients. If a proper diet is maintained according to proportion, keeping in view your dog weight, age, height and breed, there can be guaranteed improvement in his heath.

Several dog owners and even trainers are completely unaware about the dog supplements given to dogs so that they have a healthy lifestyle. Many are them are often confused on what to buy among the vast variety if the supplements that are available in the market. It is quite essential to have an idea about selecting healthy dog supplements.

Difference between dry and wet dog food-

For adult dogs it is good to select dry food, which is dry bite sized dog food made by compressing ingredients in their natural dry form and then soaking into warm water or milk. Dry food is best option to maintain healthy teeth and gums in adult dogs, but if it is served to puppies it can be difficult for them to chew. You can feed this kind of food by soaking it in milk. This makes the food soft and appealing to young pups. Canned food is also preferred choice for the puppies because of its moist nature. These foods are manufactured from leading brands lets you have all the necessary vitamins as well as mineral additives which the dog also likes to eat.

Free from bacteria-

Dogs are to be preserved from food poisoning and disease from the food we serve them. Dog and puppy food go through intense manufacturing process before they are bagged or canned. Our pets really require the utmost care if we want to see them in good health.