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With Bird Window Feeders You Can Watch Birds Close Up

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Bird window feeders are great for attracting birds into your yards. If you want to see different birds up close in your yard, or apartment building, having window feeders are more convenient than other types of feeders. You can also attract birds with the bird bath.

There are two types of window feeders. One is attached to a window, and the other is put inside a windowsill. The feeder attached to a window is always attached to the glass through suction cups or with Velcro. Generally smaller than windowsill feeders, on-window feeders fit any type of size of window.

Other advantages of a on-window feeder includes having the option of using multiple feeders on a particular window. It also increases resistance among squirrels because they are unable to reach an on-window feeder.

Windowsill feeders, on the other hand, thrust forward into the house through an open window. There are also other models that are secured outside a closed window. One model, called solarium feeders rest on a windowsill and secured by closing the window on top of it. They could also be secured by a tension pole on the outside of the window, and allow the window to close.

Unlike the on-window feeders, the windowsill feeders have larger seed tray areas to accommodate larger numbers of birds. Other features of bird window feeders are one-way mirrors to allow you to see the birds without them seeing you, and access to the seed tray from inside your house.

Most birds have a sense of smell. But in seed-eating species, such sense is poorly developed. It is not so much about a smell of a seed that attracts birds to the feeders. It is the seeds that they can see. Or, its the birds that flock around the feeder and the attracting chirping sound they make.

Over time, these birds develop a �search pattern’ for bird feeders that lead them to feeders in different houses. They know what areas have feeders as the migratory. If this is your first time to use bird window feeders, it will take several weeks before the birds discover your place. If you have a tree in your yard that bears fruits, then there are plenty of birds around your house.

It is helpful if you place something glossy under the feeder along with some seeds. Water can also attract birds, so you can place a bird bath near your feeder. The favorite food among birds is black oil sunflower seeds.

Later on, when birds discover your place and their visit frequently, you may mix other seeds such as safflower seeds and sunflower hearts. You can also add to your ingredients suet cakes. Another reason why you may not have birds visiting you is competition.

Your neighbors may have their own bird window feeders and the bird bath. You can lure the birds into your feeder by having the best quality of bird seeds, which you can buy at pet stores. If you live in an area where squirrels are abundant, you may try squirrel-resistant feeders especially if you use windowsill feeder.

Using bird window feeders is a good way to feed birds and provide momentary shelter for the flying creatures. When birds feel secure and comfortable in your yard, expect to have visits from them daily.