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Bird House Camera

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I know many will disagree, but what is better than watching nature?  If you feed and house birds in your yard, and would love the idea of seeing them on your TV in colour and listen to them as well, and could do it safely, wouldn’t you?

It is a great learning tool for children and even us adults will never cease to be amazed by the beauty and awe of birds coming and going, building their nests and watching over little ones as they emerge into the world and see their beauty up close without disturbing them.

These cameras can be safely added to your present bird house, are tiny and out of the way.  

bird house camera Birdhouse Spy Cam BCAMHEHD Hawk Eye HD Camera
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High Definition with Night Vision and Microphone

You can watch them any time, might even be better than boring TV shows!  You can watch eggs hatching in your own backyard even at night.

Just make sure it is securely attached such as you see in this picture to the roof or ceiling of the house and the birds will not even notice it is there.  You could also add this small camera to a squirrel house or bat house to watch nature at its finest.  

Bird House with Camera

Comes with the Camera Installed

Birds Choice Ultimate Bluebird House with 1-9/16" Hole and Interior Camera
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Bird House With Camera All in One

If you don’t like the idea of climbing up into that tree to add a camera, then consider purchasing an additional bird home that comes complete with a video camera already attached and ready to go.  Just follow the instructions for where to put it and how to watch them.

This is a great way to teach children all about birds or backyard critters that use a home or shelter that you can watch.  It is better than trying to climb the tree and peer inside yourself and possibly scare them. 

When I was a kid my dad allowed us one by one to climb a ladder to see baby squirrels living in an old birdhouse.  I have never forgotten how awesome that was.  I was thankful my dad let us do that and remember him telling us sternly that we should never touch them.  But I always wondered if the mother was nearby with fear we would hurt them.  Luckily she came back as soon as we left, so a small camera would have been perfect so that we could have watched them even closer without worrying the mother.

I love to feed birds and squirrels in my yard.  They both have their very own feeding stations so that I am not spending all my time chasing the squirrels away from the bird feeder.  So far this has worked well.  But I am now adding some homes for both in my yard, and would love to see them close up through a video camera.  These have got much smaller and easier to hide now a day, and to me there is nothing more awesome than backyard critters and seeing how they live.

This would also make a great gift idea for the naturalist in your family, who would love to see birds or squirrels or even owls living in a home they have put out for them.  These little devices can be great teachers as well as entertaining.