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Humming Bird Feeders

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Don't you just love to view Hummingbirds as they dart among the bright flowers in your garden? Hummingbirds enjoy drinking the nectar from your Humming bird feeder. They also enjoy the nectar from flowers and eating insects. In America itself there are over 18 different species of Hummingbirds.

The best way to initially attract hummingbirds to your yard is to make a hummingbird garden. Hummingbirds, like most birds, are attracted to their food by site, not smell. So brightly colored flowers send out a big loud message that says, "Food is here"! Some easy to grow favorites are:
Lantana ,Canna, Impatients,Honeysuckle,Morning Glory,Trumpet Vines,Petunias,Scarlet Sage, Azaleas and Snap Dragons. Simply place several types of flowers around your yard in your existing landscaping. It's very important to avoid pesticides on your flowers. Hummingbirds can ingest the pesticides when trying to feed and kill them. Pesticides also kill off the small soft-bodied insect and spiders that are the mainstay of the hummingbird's diet.

Essentially Hummingbirds need the nectar to power the insect eating machine that they are. The nectar provides the calories that they need, while the soft-bodied insects and spiders provide the protein. Common small North American hummers like the Ruby-throated and Rufous average around 53 wing beats per second in normal flight.

Now back to the Hummingbird feeders.

Perky Pet Humming bird feeders offer endless designs for you to choose from. Some models come in the shape of strawberries or apples. Their body shape is bright red, which helps to attract the birds attention as Hummingbirds love the color red. Its shatterproof and holds about 48oz. of nectar. If your Hummingbirds prefer one style over another, its probably simply a matter of familiarity. If you change feeders, it may be in your best interest to hang the old one empty alongside the new one. I would recommend the HummZinger and similar well-designed basin feeders for their ruggedness as well as their ease of maintenance.

You then have the Hummingbird Oasis feeder varieties from Perky Pet. These Humming bird feeders have a built-in ant moat that is between the feeding ports and the rod. With 6 feeding stations each has an individual perch and yellow flower feeding port.

Some suggestions for where to hang you Humming bird feeder. Hang you humming bird feeder near plants that humming birds naturally feed from. This will ensure that they find your feeder and identify it as a food source much quicker. Once they are familiar with your feeder, try hanging outside your window, so you can watch them as they hover to feed. Its a magical moment to watch as these small balls of energy feed from your feeder.

Here's the recipe for artificial nectar (syrup):

Use one part ordinary white cane sugar to four parts water.
Store unused syrup in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

The fastest recorded wing beat rate was about 80 per second, on a tiny Amethyst Woodstar, and the slightly smaller Bee Hummingbird - the world's smallest bird - may have an even faster rate. Truly a remarkable bird of creation.