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The Two Minute Guide To Owning A Bird

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Some birds can live past 56 years, so you will need to make sure that it is the kind of pet you are really looking for. Here are some pointers you should check out before investing in a new bird.

Get a young bird. It is best to get a very young bird. Training will be easier on both of you. I really believe it is better to purchase your bird from a breeder. There are good and bad breeders, so you need to do some research. Ask local vets if they know any reputable breeders. Visit them and see how well they care for the birds. If the place the birds are raised is an unhealthy mess, that's a good clue to walk away.

Let the bird pick you! No joke! If you pick out a bird that you like, it doesn't mean it will like you. There is nothing worse then getting a bird that dislikes you. Birds have personalities! They pick out people they like and they may be aggressive or shy away from someone they don't like.

Always have your bird vet-checked at least once a year. It's amazing how folks have their car checked out regularly, but totally ignore their bird! Since birds are very good at hiding when they are sick, you may not notice it until it's too late. Learn how to identify the signs that they are not feeling well.

Be sure you get the proper size cage. It should be large enough for your bird to get some exercise their wings. It must have enough perch space. Watch the bar spacing and door openings. Birds will get their heads caught between the bars if too wide.

Birds love to play with toys! Load up on lots of them. Stay away from rope and cloths toys that will easily become frayed and get tangled around feet and toes.

Large birds like to chew. Unless you want to replace wooden perches every other week, get some wooden blocks. Hang them on chains and the birds will love them! If your birds are allowed out of the cage, they must be closely supervised. Wooden windowsills, furniture, and cabinets are their favorite treats!

Keep your bird's wings clipped. If you are going to have it for a pet you don't want him finding out what a ceiling fan feels like. It's not uncommon for a bird to get out of its cage and fly out an open door or window. If a bird gets loose out side you may never get it back. Other dangers are flying into windows or into the kitchen where you are cooking on hot stoves. There are pros and cons about wing clipping, so think about this aspect carefully.

Pay attention to your bird's eating habits and behavior. Watch for changes. When a bird gets sick, they have a tendency to hide their illnesses. But the time the bird shows that it is sick, it may be too late to get it medical help.

It is important that you carry info on you that would tell an emergency official that you have a bird or birds at home that needs some one to check on them. It would be terrible to be in a bad accident and no one knows you have pets at home depending on you.

You should always have arrangements made for someone to take are care for your bird should you die. It isn't a pleasant thought but remember that bigger birds have a long life span, and you want to make sure that you do have someone who will.