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Basic Information To Know About The Schnauzer

2016/5/4 10:15:13

The Schnauzer is a German working breed of dog that is highly popular within Europe and features a distinctive beard and eyebrows with a wiry salt and pepper or pure black coat. The breed has origins dating back to the Middle Ages, and they were first bred for the main purpose of herding, catching rats and acting as a guard dog.

A few of their most recognizable features include their bold and lively nature as well as their high level of intelligence - which help make the Schnauzer a suitable choice for historic use as a guard dog for Red Cross during World War I, police work in Germany and America, drug and bomb detection, search and rescue or as a companion dog to active and confident owners.

The Schnauzer was originally created in Germany as early as the Middle Ages where they were used as a guard dog, for catching rats or herding but later gained popularity on the dog show circuit during the late 1800s and were finally given their official name after a winning dog called "Schnauzer". They are
believed to be a result of first crossing black Poodles with grey Wolfspitz and later on wire haired German Pinschers were introduced into their breeding.

Schnauzers are classed as a medium-sized dog. The recommended standard size for the Schnauzer male is 18.5-19.5 inches high from paw to shoulder and a weight of 45 pounds, whereas the recommended size for female Schnauzers is 17.5-18.5 inches high from paw to shoulder with a weight of 35 pounds.

The Schnauzer is well-known for their bold, lively and fun-loving temperament. They are generally non-aggressive with strangers but will protect their family when threatened, which can make them highly suitable as a guard dog.

The Schnauzer is also known to be highly intelligent - ranking equal 18th compared to other dogs based on their ability to learn obedience commands. They are also known to be good with older children - making them somewhat suitable as a family pet. The Schnauzer is not always compatible with other dogs who they may often become aggressive with and they are not recommended for living with smaller pets due to their hunting instincts.

The Schnauzer should have a well-fenced yard to prevent them from escaping and chasing anything that catches their interest, but they can be also quite suitable for apartment living if they are exercised enough.

The Schnauzer enjoys activities such as running around the yard, learning new obedience commands, exploring new areas or simply traveling with their family. They have a high level of energy and need to be given daily exercise in the form of one or two long walks to prevent destructive behavior problems and keep them easy to handle.

The Schnauzer can make the perfect dog for a confident and active owner or family with older children that will provide firm leadership. They are suitable for anyone who is willing to commit to a low amount of grooming and take time to give them thorough socialization at an early age and positive obedience training with ongoing mental challenges as well as take them for long daily walks and give a very high amount of companionship and attention. Though they might be somewhat unsuitable for many owners and households, if you are able to meet their need for firm leadership and regular mental stimulation then the Schnauzer could make the ideal dog breed for you. is an online magazine written by dog lovers for dog lovers that covers a wide variety of topics such as dog training, dog health and advice on dog breeds such as information on Schnauzer information.