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When Can I Start To Insure My Pet?

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Pet insurance will protect your dog against illness, death or injury for most of their life ?however there is an age limit as to when pet insurance can start for your puppy dog.

You may want to protect your pet every minute of their life, but it is important to know that at the beginning of his or her life, your pet may have to fend for themselves.

Pet insurance is essential to protect you financially from the inevitable adventures life will throw at your pet. If your dog causes an accident, for example, your pet insurance policy provides protection against legal liability. Pet insurance will also cover up to a certain amount in vet抯 fees each year, and good insurance companies may even cover you if your dog is stolen, including money towards advertising and a reward. This level of pet insurance means that both you and your dog are protected.

Your dog should benefit from this level of protection all their life, however you can usually only insure your dog once they reach a certain number of weeks old. This age will be specified by your insurance provider and will vary. In the first three weeks of a puppy抯 life they have very limited awareness, and all their basic needs must be met by their mother. Little or no handling by humans is required as long as the puppy and mother have a healthy relationship. By weeks five to seven the puppy should socialise with the litter and humans, and they will begin to become more independent.

But what happens when the puppy becomes an older dog? With good pet insurance, there is usually no upper age limit to insuring your dog. The only benefit that may stop would be death from illness cover. You may find that when your pet is over a certain age, your pet insurance provider won't give you back the purchase price if your pet dog dies or has to be put to sleep through illness or natural causes. If you抮e unsure what age limit you have on your pet insurance policy, it抯 best to check with your provider. Otherwise, your dog should be able to enjoy all the benefits of pet insurance, such as protection against theft or veterinary treatment until they reach the end of their natural happy life.