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Change Yourself, Change Your Horse

2016/5/3 10:51:08

Change Yourself, Change Your Horse

Changing yourself includes expanding your knowledge and education. As well as always being open and willing to learn.

Teach the person with the horse

If you are a trainer training other peoples horses or a person who hired a horse trainer, it is very important to teach the 2 leg as well as the 4 leg. Lots of times I have heard of people getting a trainer to train their horse and then the horse knows more than they do, and the person doesn’t understand the language the horse knows. And that means that when the owner works with the horse again, then they will do what they have always done and get what they have always got.

If you are going to have the horse be trained by someone else, you need to then learn what it is and how they are training and cueing your horse. That way when you go home with your horse, you can then continue to communicate with your horse in the way that your horse knows and to get the results that you want.

I see many people spend money on their horses to get them trained and then not follow up with the trainers. Too much of that and changing the trainers around not only will have your horse confused and always having to start over from the beginning with each trainer. The horse will soon know more than you do, so it is worth your time to learn what your horse knows so that you can have an inspiring relationship with your horse for years to come.

3 ways to get a trained horse

There are only three ways that I know of to get a trained horse. Buy it trained, have a trainer train it, or train it yourself. No matter what direction you take, I am a firm believer that everyone with horses should learn some basic training techniques to do with their horse. That way they can have the horses respect and even beyond that, be safe around their horse. They will then know what to do when the horse acts up and does something silly. So it isn’t just that “you don’t want to train your horse” but a safety thing because you will be able to handle your horse better when they act up and you are on the ground, or even on their back. Safety should be number one, because if you aren't safe around your horse, things can go south really fast.