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Staffordshire Bull Terrier information and review.

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Are Staffy's a great family pet or a menace. We take a look at the sometimes misunderstood Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and see what they are really like as a family pet. What to focus on when training your staffy.? And what are their vital statistics.

Staffy's or Staffordshire Terriers are a phenomenally strong and muscular dog, which are sometimes known as Pit Bull Terriers. The name Pit Bull is sometimes feared without real basis. These dogs have unrivaled courage and power to size ratio. These dogs have a distinctive appearance largely due to their wide head with sometimes bulging jaw muscles. Their entire head is quite large compared to dog of the same body size. Smallish ears can be either cropped or uncropped (one would hope the second). They usually have dark brown or black eyes. Their muscle bound body is coated with low maintenance short hair. Their fearsome stance is caused by their front legs being set fairly wide apart giving excellent balance. A medium to short tail completes the Staffy's handsome prone. Coloring of the breed is varied and can be any solid or mixed color.

The character of the dog belies its false reputation as being aggressive, and the term pit bull stuck because the breed was used in the fighting pits. We have all heard the stories of out of control Pit Bulls injuring or killing dogs, small children and even an adult. Due to incomplete media reports, Staffys are the subject of ownership restrictions in some countries. It is important to investigate fully. Cruel and brutal treatment by malicious carers can result in aggression from these (and any other)dog.?Staffordshire Terriers are highly intelligent brave and possess the powerful desire to please their master. Combined with the dogs sheer power, it is easy for a malicious owner to want to instill aggression into the dog.

The fact is this. The Staffy is a friendly, docile and intelligent dog. They are often so friendly to strangers that they make poor guard dogs despite their sometimes intimidating looks. A fair criticism is that they can sometimes be aggressive to other dogs if not properly trained. The answer to this is "socialisation" with other dogs early in life. Staffy's have an undying devotion to their family and an almost obsessive need to be appreciated by their master. It is definitely not a reserved dog, it displays its excitement and affection with vigor.

Care: All sub breeds of the Staffordshire Terrier need a good deal of regular exercise. Their exercise needs can be met with a simple daily walk or engaging with their favourite ball game in the park. The intelligence of the Staffordshire terrier makes obedience training easy. Pay attention to firmly discourage any aggressive behavior in your dog during their first year. Staffordshire terriers from a strong bond with their family "pack" and thus fare better mentally living indoors at night. Caring for the coat of your Staffy is easy. It simply involves very occasional brushing with and stiff brush to remove loose or dead hair.

Known health issues in the breed include canine hip and elbow dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, cerebellar ataxia, hypothyroidism and heart disease. Staffies are really rocket powered, with some suffering gas problems. As the breed has far less hair on its stomach, and loves to sun-bake, mast cell tumours can prevail on and around the stomach area.

Staffordshire Terrier Data:

Height to the shoulder: 12.5 to 16.5 inches

Weight: 9 to 17.5 kg (13 to 38 lbs)

Expected Life span: 10 to 15 years