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A Cheaper Way To Contain Your Pet

2016/5/3 14:55:42
If you are thinking of getting an affordable pet containment system to contain your pets a pet fence is your best option. A dog fences uses a buried wire located along the area or fence that you want to confine your dog to. The three main parts of in-ground pet fencing system are Transmitter, Wire, and the Collar Receiver. The buried wire is like an antenna that is attached to the transmitter. The transmitter produces radio frequency that are picked up by the receiver on the dog抯 collar.

Keeping your dog on your property where it belongs usually means building a fence but having an electric dog fence will help ensure that your pet will stay on your property. You can choose from two different dog fence designs that are available in the market today. An Electric dog fences uses electric stimulation and gives your dog a warning tone when it approaches the location of the buried wire. Your dog will receive an electronic correction when he continues to approach the buried wire. Another kind of dog electric fence uses citronella. It sprays the dog with citronella to correct the dog he approach the buried wire. Whether you choose the electronic stimulation or the latter one, your dog will surely know his boundaries when you use pet fence products. Always remember that your dogs still have to be trained to properly interact with these kinds of pet fence.

Usually you need to train and condition your dog before you use electronic dog fence so it will be effective at keeping your dog safe at home. How fast can your dog adjust to the product usually depends on your dog抯 personality and may even take longer to complete the training if your dog will not cooperate. You still need to train your dog because electric dog fences do not always work with every dog.

One feature that I like about electronic fence is it can efficiently retain dogs inside the owner's property and let them know their boundaries. The dog is automatically trained by the system to keep away from the boundaries of the property because if they cross it they will instantly receive shock from their collars. Underground dog fences don抰 take up any large property space.

When you install any kind of pet fence system you should make sure that your pet is conditioned to that pet fence system and can freely run through the free zone. A pet fence system will also help you make sure that your dogs will not bring upon any unplanned destruction to someone else's property. When you decide to avail any pet containment system it is advisable that you go through the training thoroughly on how to use the device and train your pet properly or your investment into the pet containment system will be wasted.

It is also wise to put up an actual fence aside from installing dog electric fences to protect your dog and keep them where they are. Another use of fence is to help your keep any stray dogs or other animals away from your lawn or stop them from attacking your dog.