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Learn How To Stop A Dog Barking Following These Simple Tips

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Dogs bark as a form of communication just as we speak to communicate to others. It would be considered a problem if your dog barks excessively and annoys not only yourself but even your neighbors. If you need to know how to stop a dog barking then you need to first find out what is causing your dog to bark so much and then you can find a solution. We ought to respect that our dogs have a right to bark just as we've got a right to talk, however barking should be kept down to an appropriate level. As a responsible dog owner we should teach our dog methods to stop barking excessively.

When figuring out how to stop a dog barking we have to discover the cause of the issue that's causing the excessive barking, when we have found out why the dog is barking so much, then we can discover a resolution to the problem.

There are many reasons why dogs bark excessively including:

To bark at other animals, because their hungry, because their bored and don't have anything better to do, when they are excited or happy about something, they are lonely, seeking for your attention, to guard their territory from others, to alert their owners from dangers, they have separation anxiety.

"How to stop a dog barking" is a regular question that plenty of dog owners have and really need assistance to unravel this common problem. Usually excessive barking can be solved by simply spending extra time together with your dog and playing with it. Dogs can really feel lonely and disheartened when their owners neglect them and that is what normally triggers excessive barking.

If you must go out for whatever reason whether it be to visit a friend or family, work, pay bills etc, and you still have to know how to stop a dog barking when your lifestyle is so busy then an excellent tip would be to leave out various toys and things for your dog to play with while you are away from home. Giving your dog something to do while you are out ensures that your dog won't get bored and bark excessively while you are out.

Set aside some time so that you can teach your dog when it is allowed to and when it's not allowed to bark. Learning how to stop a dog barking with a command shouldn't be that difficult, but you have to take time to learn how to do it properly and actually do it. Firstly, the most important rule when training a dog is to NEVER EVER punish your dog. You shouldn't reward your dog when it barks either. When you punish and reward your dog for barking, your dog won't understand if barking is allowed or not. To teach your dog to stop barking, you want to get your dog to start barking first, (use your imagination) this shouldn't be too hard, as soon as your dog begins barking, distract it immediately by making a loud sound or surprising your dog, in conjunction with this, say a command such as "quiet" or "shh". When your dog has stopped barking, show your dog that you're pleased by praising it or giving it a treat to reward it. With practice and reinforcement your dog will stop barking on command.

A rule of thumb when you want to know how to stop a dog barking is to always make sure that you have properly obedience trained your dog. If possible try to obedience train your dog when it is still a puppy. Often a well trained dog in the early stages of its life tends to have less behavioral problems when it's older such as excessive barking. Always be sure to be positive and consistent when trying to correct your dog抯 behavioral problems.