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Pet Photo Memories

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There was a point in time that I would have dismissed the idea of having a professional portrait done of one of my pets. To me it seemed like the sort of thing that one would do for one's two-legged loved ones, not the four-legged, finned, or feathered loved ones. Then sadly, I lost my four year old Labrador retriever to a brief but serious illness. In my grief, I realized that the snapshots did not honor her memory in the way that she deserved. A few months later, I adopted a husky from a local rescue group. Determined to begin documenting her life from the beginning, I did an online search of the words Pet Photography Miami and came upon the website, .

This is the website of a Pet Portrait Miami photo studio. I was drawn to the photographs that I saw at Each picture captured with great clarity, not only the mood of the moment, but the soul of the beautiful pet. The subject matter varied from cats to kittens to puppies to dogs to birds. Some of the portraits were playful, while others were insightful and serious. The artist uses both black and white photography and colored photography in a very evocative manner. Even though I am a dog lover, I was particularly drawn to and touched by an extreme up-close shot of a golden eyed main coon. The picture showed a regal air and soulfulness.

I scheduled an appointment and was visited in my home by the photographer from Like many rescue dogs, my husky was quite skittish and I was nervous about how she would react to this strange person and equally how this new strange person would react to her. This pet photography Miami professional was absolutely wonderful. He was so gentle. He sat quietly on the floor and waited for her to approach him. When she finally did, he rewarded her with pats and dog treats (I also appreciated that he asked if giving the treats was okay). When it came time to begin taking pictures, she was completely relaxed. The entire process was thoroughly fun for all of us.

Because I was so thrilled with the outcome, I opted to buy the full package. This gave me so many photos in such a large variety of sizes, that I was able to put together a great photo album for myself. In addition to that, I was also able to include photos in Christmas cards to members of my family and friends of mine. Everyone was thrilled to receive them.

This will not be the only sitting that I plan to have with my husky and I intend to make these photo sessions a regular event, so that her growth and development are documented throughout her entire life. I know that when the sad day comes that she is no longer around, I will not regret failing to have these keepsakes. I recommend that anybody who has a beloved pet of any kind do the same thing.