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Dual Cat And Dog Bathroom For Your Pets

28 12:14:23
Some people love to keep pets. You may find some with parrots, love birds, turtles, hamsters, or tarantulas. However, most people like to keep cats and dogs. Therefore, PetLawn has made a unique Cat and Dog Bathroom for pet owners to efficiently manage pet waste without having to run about the home to clean up the mess. This pet bathroom has green grass to make the cat or dog feel close to nature. It also has pet attractant to attract your pets to the bathroom for their toileting needs. Your pets will be delighted to have their own bathroom, and you will not have to anxiety about cleaning after them or taking them to a park or elsewhere for toilet training.

Moreover, with the help of PetLawn’s Cat and Dog Bathroom, your pets will get continuous training. You do not have to take the trouble to train your pets or hire a pet trainer for their toileting purposes. The toilet tray will do the job of training them. Wondering how a non-living thing can train your pet! It’s simple. The attractant spray has a tendency to lure pets to use the potty tray. Repeated use of this bathroom will make your cats and dogs accustomed to using the tray whenever they want to urinate or pass stool. However, regardless of the number of pets you have, you need to make sure to replace the absorbent pads and the waste bags in 1-3 days. This will help in maintaining hygiene.

The absorbent pads are placed in the Cat and Dog Bathroom to absorb up to 500 times its weight. Moreover, the grate separates the grass from the base of the tray to avoid the grass floating in the waste. The grass has several holes for the waste to seep through and get absorbed by the absorbent pad. The grass does not absorb the odor or its waste. Instead, it is dry to touch even if your pet has lately used it. The odor causing bacteria are killed in the presence of silver and chitosan additives in the tray.

The Cat and Dog Bathroom has a waste bag dispenser to efficiently manage waste without any effort expected from you. The bags have a jasmine scent inside. This scent neutralizes the pet waste odor. So, the concern of pet waste odor filling your home is out of the question. You can allow indoor potty for your pets by purchasing this dual bathroom for your cat and dog.

The Cat and Dog Bathroom is available as PetLawn Original for large to medium size pets. There is also PetLawn Petite, which is a smaller version of PetLawn Original. It can be used by puppies, cats and other small pets. This pet bathroom is helpful for pets and their owners to reduce the problem of pet waste management. It is a USA manufactured product made completely of recycled plastic. PetLawn supports the environment. Thus, you can contribute to the environment while investing in this eco-friendly pet bathroom.