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Parrot Training - The Basis Of A Content Parrot And Owner

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Parrot training should be a vital part of time spent with your parrot. The training will definitely benefit both you and the bird, and it will make the whole experience of owning a parrot a positive thing for you and the parrot. The training will strengthen the bond between you two, it will stimulate the parrots natural curiosity and intellect as well as making the bird manageable. The last thing you want is an uncontrollable parrot, I can promise you that. The training sessions with you parrot should start when the bird is at least 4 months old. Any training prior to this might not be as effective and destructive as well. If you get a parrot earlier than this, use your time building bonds with the bird and let it get use to having people around. Can you guess what the biggest secret behind all successful parrot training is? YOUR PATIENCE. It can be very easy to be frustrated when the parrot doesn't learn the desired commands or tricks after a while, but be aware of the damage with taking out frustration on your parrot by either shouting at it, hitting it or punishing it in any way. Never punish your bird no matter what. Parrots are very intelligent birds, and your frustration or anger can turn into damage that never can be undone or forgotten by the bird. Just a short story to emphasize this point: aEoeI had a Blue Fronted Amazon parrot for 26 years (got it when she was 4 months old) and she was friendly to all people in the beginning. One day I had a good friend visiting, and the Amazon were sitting on his shoulders. Then, out of the blue it took a shit, like most birds do, but on my friend's sweater of course. My friend reacted very strong by tossing the bird off his shoulder with a hit with his hand. From that day on my parrot hated him. Whenever he come visiting the parrot literally attacked him by flying straight towards his face. This went on until the bird died, almost 26 years later.aE� During your parrot training sessions it's very important with frequent breaks. As soon as you feel the bird is unpatient or not responding to anything you do aE" take a break, but try the best you can to quit on a positive note. Always finish off the training session by giving praise and of course giving the bird its favorite treat. Before starting out with the training, try to make a plan of what you would like to teach the bird and what you like to accomplish. The very basics of parrot training include teaching the bird to step up to your hand and stepping down from your hand. Other important things are of course to teach you bird to never bite, taking a poo where you prefer and of course some tricks you might like it to manage. I'll finish the article by mentioning 3 key factors in making the sessions with the parrot a success - Never punish your parrot - Always give praise and use treats to reward wanted behavior - Always try to finish the training on a positive note Good luck with your beloved parrot. Kind regards Andre