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Parrot Cage, Bird Toys, oh My!

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Your great aunt died and somehow decided to leave her farm to you. Maybe she felt a bond because your mother was the closest thing she had to a daughter. But even after sixty years, the house is still in good condition and not too out-of-date. You decide to live there and try to fulfill your dream of becoming a novelist. But you'll want an excuse to move away from the computer every so often. And last night, your father suggested you put some of the money your great aunt left you to start some kind of side business. The house has this huge screened in porch, and you think raising parrots would be the perfect answer. But, what are you going to need for in parrot cages?

You will want to buy metal parrot cages. Metal cages are the easiest to clean and the most economical. You should look for cages that are in good shape, and don't have wires poking out or other things that could hurt your parrots. You will also want to make sure that your bird cages don't contain lead or other harmful materials. You will want the biggest cages you can afford. Parrots were made to fly around. You will need to make sure that the parrots can't get their heads through the wires. Parrots also like to curl up in a corner to sleep, so they really prefer square cages over round. Be sure to place several perches around the cages, so that your parrots will want to move around. One perch needs to be by the food and water. Other perches should be at varying heights.

You have heard people being called "bird brains" as an insult. However, birds are actually very intelligent beings that need almost constant stimulation. If you don't provide bird toys for your parrots, they are likely to pick up bad habits such as biting and nipping. So you will want to get some bird toys and routinely rotate them between the birds you have. All toys need to be safe for the bird to chew, meaning no dangerous dyes, and nothing the birds might choke on. Some birds love mirrors. Other birds enjoy puzzles, especially puzzles that allow them to find food. You can even use household goods as bird toys. Try frayed milk jugs, cardboard rolls, or bells you may have around the house.

You will want to get out and play with your parrots a couple of times a day. Let them enjoy flying around your house, without the confines of bird cages. Play with your birds and get to know them. Your prospective buyers will want to know something about the birds, and it will help you sell them better. So go to your pet store, or order online, and start setting up your bird business today. I'm sure you will find yourself enjoying it, and you may even keep a parrot for yourself.