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Cat's Immune System - A Brief Review And Solutions

2016/5/4 10:05:35

A cat's healthy immune system is very important, just like our own.

As in all other mammals, the cat's immune system is the body's main defense against diseases. Its organs and tissues work together to battle any foreign substances that can do harm. It is helpful for eliminating fungi, viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Natural responses of this complex network offer protection against infections, arthritis, cancer, and allergies.

Natural immunities are present from birth. The reaction to a particular organism does not become more efficient with future exposure to that same organism. Adaptive immunity is a function of the system's ability to prevent infection by an organism after the first exposure. Humans have this response to chicken pox. Once someone has had the disease, he or she is immune to its exposure in the future. Vaccines in humans and animals provide an artificial way to build immunity against a specific disease. It can be implemented for your cats.

A cat will have health problems if the network malfunctions. In some cases, the animal is unable to fight off the disease because the network fails to attack vigorously enough. In other cases, the network overreacts, which leads to inflammation and can impede proper response in the future. In some animals, the systems react to the animals' own tissues. This is called an autoimmune disease.

Feline immunodeficiency virus is a common autoimmune disease. It is most often spread through wounds caused by biting. Symptoms can sometimes take years to manifest and may include persistent diarrhea, a lack of appetite, and inflamed lymph nodes.

Proper function of the cat's immune system is crucial for overall good health and well-being. This protective network has the ability to offer protection against toxins, bacteria, parasites, and viruses. The immune system in your cat, just like in us, humans, plays a very important part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Some natural derivatives, such as the Acemannan contained in the Aloe Vera plant, can be an amazing ingredient to help combat disease and assist your dogs to have a long and healthy life. The effect of Acemannan in scientifically supported, and in general, just makes good sense.

To prevent problems, owners should make sure their pets eat a healthy diet, get sufficient exercise, remain stress free, and have all the proper vaccinations.

Of course, it is very important that before taking any supplement or in case of signs of illness we consult a licensed veterinarian.

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