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Immune System Supplements For Your Dogs

2016/5/4 10:05:12

Your Dogs Immune System May Require Supplements

Keeping your dog's immune system healthy is an important part of being a responsible pet owner. This is what keeps the canine from contracting any dangerous or fatal diseases. It protects the pet from parasites and bacteria, fungus and viruses.

When a dog has a weakened immune system, it can lead to acute yeast infections, food allergies, ear infections and arthritis. As you can see, the canine can suffer some of the same ailments as a human. His wounds will not heal quickly and his skin can suffer from eczema.

The leading cause may be a poor diet. The label will show what your dog food contains. Consult with the vet to approve the brand you are purchasing. Ask if he should be given supplements or simply change brands of food. Certain trace elements, vitamins and minerals are essential.

Theoretically, the canine should be consuming some raw meat. It is the dietary staple among wild animals, the wolf for example. It is considered natural for your pet, a descendant of the wolf, to eat raw meat. By feeding only commercial food, you may unknowingly weaken the ability to fight off parasites and other dangers.

Provide a vitamin B complex, vitamin C, folic acid, magnesium iodine, biotin, magnesium, potassium and Echinacea. Omega fatty acids will keep the coat healthy. It becomes apparent that many of these are the same supplements that are needed in the human body to maintain good health. The immune system in your dog, just like in us, humans, plays a very important part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Some natural derivatives, such as the Acemannan contained in the Aloe Vera plant, can be an amazing ingredient to help combat disease and assist your dogs to have a long and healthy life.

Certain breeds are prone to these kinds of health problems. It is the purebred animal that is susceptible to inheriting such deficiencies because there is inbreeding used frequently to maintain the traits demanded by those intent on showing their pet and winning titles. The titles, in turn, lead to more inbreeding.

In humans, it is contraindicated for immediate family members to marry. That taboo is extended to cousins as well, legally forbidding them to marry and thus reproduce. In dogs, the dangers inbreeding poses are largely ignored. The mixed breed dogs, immune system may be healthier and besides, the lovable mutt is reputed to make a better family pet.

Acemannan in the Aloe Vera plant can greatly improve your cats or dogs life. Acemannan is useful to boost your pet's immune system, increase stamina, improve mood swings and add longevity. Our website offers useful information on PetsAloe - a highly affective product containing acemannan for your dogs.