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Introducing a puppy to your family, kids and further canine animals

2016/5/3 14:36:08
Whenever you add a dog to your family you should take some precautions. Even if you have been told how the puppy behaves well with children you need to bear in mind that this dog has not become used to your particular children, and that is a vital thing to remember.
A dog can feel overwhelmed by children so it is important to let the dog approach all the children instead of another way around. If the kids approach the dog, the animal will feel probably under threat and could snap at them in self defence.
Let the kid sit down softly and encourage your dog to come to them by giving the animal some titbit or small snack. Next time let the child offer the dog a toy encouraging the dog to have fun a little. Tell the kids| never to stare at |the dog as this is considered threatening behaviour in accordance with your dog. When the dog approaches the child, and tell the child to stroke the dog underneath the chin or on his chest, by no means go to handle the dogs head, the animal will feel safer if he can see where you hand is going.
Dogs don抰 always want to be hugged or cuddled unless he is familiar with this from an early age. Children love to try this, especially if they have had a previous dog that got used to this way.
The family should take time over this and watch carefully what the dog likes and will not like and let him understand in a slow but sure way what is what.
After everyone continues to be introduced, tell each person to let the dog have his own space so he can investigate his new area in his own time. It will be a good suggestion to buy a new game for the kids simultaneously, to give them something besides the novelty of a brand new dog to play with giving the dog freedom to roam and discover. All children ought to be taught a dog is mostly a companion and isn't a toy, also explain that loud sounds and screams will distress the dog and to play more calmly.
A few dogs like collies are more of the herding variety and their instinct is usually to nip at the ankles that will make the child run around. This have to be stopped quickly or it will eventually become a nasty habit. your dog should be taught not to leap up at the children and the kids should be taught to not over excite the animal. Adults must supervise always initially and youngsters lower than ten years old should never be left with a dog unaccompanied. Be extra careful with dogs who are of their senior years as they can have hearing and seeing difficulties, it is quite easy to startle them, when a dog is scared he could behave incorrectly.
Dogs feel like they're part of the family so you should treat them as such, perhaps if you purchase a toy for the children you might consider buying some dog toys to keep everyone happy.