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Police Dogs

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The foremost duty of the government of any country is to retain public security and peace throughout the country. And make sure the crime rate comes to zero. Criminals are clever people and they use tactics and strategies when they can break out and commit crimes. To fight crimes the governments have prepared forces of various types. The police forces operate within the city and it is their duty to maintain peace and fight crimes.

Pet dogs are known to serve man the most amongst animals. When they have been used in olden times as shepherd dogs and hunting dogs so they now serve today's military forces to fight crimes. The platoons of these special dogs are famously known as k-9s. All over the world these dogs are specially trained for different kinds of operations. These dogs are much more ferocious, fierce and more trained. They work side by side with the police forces to secure people and secure areas.

German shepherds and other such dogs can be seen helping police forces in tracking down runaways. Some of them are used as the normal patrolling dogs. They give duties along with the police at night when they are giving duties at highways and roads etc. Then others are trained for many years to identify narcotics and detect bombs that may be installed in hidden areas. They have been known for capturing felony criminals and drug dealers etc since decades. That is why they are so reliable.

Police dogs are a great blessing because they are able to use their sense of smell and hearing that is much more powerful than human senses. What they simply do is they make the dogs inhale a scent of either a man or drugs whatever that has to be tracked down. Then the dogs are unleashed and they go off on their trail. And soon enough these criminals are tracked down easily. They make the police jobs and their investigations a lot easier than they actually are.

The FBI rely 50 percent on their dogs during investigations. There are fire dogs that help fire fighters with their jobs. They do not hesitate from jumping into a burning building and look for survivors. And they tend to reach places man cannot even think of reaching.

These dogs are able to work for hours and hours without rest and they dutifully defend the borders with the police throughout the year, in every sort of weather without complaining.