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How to Train Your Pit Bull Puppy

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Pitbull puppies are very cute and adorable. If you own a pitbull puppy, it is important to give them the proper training. Read this article to find out how you can train your pitbull puppy in a proper manner, so that they become obedient dogs later on.

It is best to start the training as early as possible. For a pitbull puppy, the exact training age varies but it is recommended to start when it is 3-4 weeks old. If dedicated attention and careful training is not given then their natural aggression surfaces and it becomes harder to train them later. Initially, it is better to start with the basics, so that the pitbull puppy understands the basic commands. If proper training is given at an early age then all future training efforts become much easier.

The most difficult part of owning a pet pit bull is their training. However, it is important to give early obedience training to pit bulls. Otherwise, there are chances that they may become aggressive and uncontrollable. A poorly trained puppy often becomes problematic for their owners and especially dangerous for small kids at home.

Pit bulls are quite intelligent dogs and respond well to commands. These puppies, at first can be trained to understand commands like 'go', 'fetch', 'heel' and also their names. Repeating commands over and over again helps the puppy to learn faster.

A pitbull puppy is known to be an athletic dog. Thus, they need stamina and strength training. The best and most common way to teach any puppy is by driving and tracking. A string and a ball can be useful for this purpose. When the ball is shown to the pitbull, it becomes curious and when thrown away from him, the puppy tries to fetch it. Using this method, a lot of other tricks can be taught to the pitbull puppy.

Also, important is the housebreaking training. Pitbull puppies have weak bladders and they require going out to relieve themselves, almost every hour. Therefore, it is advised to teach them, how to go out of the home, when they require to poop. Also, one can schedule their meal times and accordingly, take them out.

Training a pitbull puppy requires a lot of patience and dedication on the part of the trainer. These puppies are quite sensitive and they should never be hit or yelled at during training. If done, then it may have an adverse effect, as they might not respond to further training. They tend to bite or fight back, in such situations. A slight reprimand is enough. It is very crucial to train the pitbull puppy consistently, so that they learn faster and become more obedient. Introducing the pitbull puppy to as many social situations as possible can have a positive impact on the puppy. They are known to be great with humans, but not so with other dogs. So, for this reason, taking the puppy to dog parks can be great idea as there the puppy can get used to other dogs.

Besides these pointers, there are other ways to train a pitbull puppy that can be exciting for both for the puppy and the trainer. The training helps the puppy to develop into a healthy and athletic dog. Pitbull puppies, if trained well can become very good companions to their owners.