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Taking Care Of A New Kitten

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Looking after and taking care of your new kitten from diet to cat proofing your house and steps to ensure your new kitten stays healthy

Apparently pets are good for your health and are known to keep loneliness and depression at bay. With a lively pet in the house, you will never feel the need of having someone around you all the time and doctors are in fact recommending pet therapy to attain sound psychological health. Choosing a pet entirely depends on your individual preference. Most people mainly women and kids love having a cute kitten for company and treat it just like a child. They love taking care of a new kitten. Cats have often been associated with mystery and power and were considered as a witch's best friend. This could be because they are usually more intelligent as compared to dogs and also require little or no grooming assistance like dogs. They use their saliva to clean their coat and once taught to use litter boxes properly they can easily manage on their own. However, you need to prepare yourself for taking care of a new kitten before you invite your new pet into your house and buy some supplies to ensure that it has a comfortable stay.

When taking care of a new kitten, you will require a litter scoop/litter tray if you are planning to keep it inside the house all the time. Having a covered litter tray would be a good idea, as it prevents spillage. You will also require a pet carrier for your routine visits to the vet and boarding kennels and even when you are carrying it over to your friend's house. For the safety of your kitten, it is important to buy a collar and tag. These can be great assets, as they will help you get your kitten back in case it gets lost. Also get a few interesting toys and a scratching post for your kitten to entertain it and keep it happy. Make sure that you keep some healthy cat food ready for your beloved pet. Special formulas are available in the market that can be chosen depending on the age of your pet. A balanced diet with all the essential nutrients will keep your pet healthy and happy.

Now that you have the necessary supplies, the next step is to make your house "cat proof". After all, you never know when a kitten would attack your newly purchased sofas or dirty your expensive Persian carpet. Make sure that there are no small items around that can be easily swallowed. So, keep all those rubber bands, buttons, and tiny strings away from the reach of your pet to avoid choking. Kittens love to play with plastic bags, as they make interesting sounds and may accidentally swallow them while playing. Stash them away and also hide pills, bottles, and other medicines that can be consumed.

If gardening is your hobby, make sure that the plants you choose are not harmful. Certain ornamental plants are poisonous and can wreck your pet's health. It's a delightful experience to own a pet and it is your responsibility to keep it healthy. So, prepare yourself and your house for taking care of a new kitten and welcome this new four-legged bundle of joy into your lives.

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