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Zymox For Dogs: The Remedy For Dog Ear Mite Problems.

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Ear Mites affect both dogs and cats, and Zymox Otic is designed specially to treat this condition. nnIf you watch your cat or dog and notice some changes in behavior it could be that your pet has ear mite problems.nnThe following are sure signs that your pet is suffering from an ear mite infection; continual scratching around the ears, head shaking, restless behavior, some brown material present in the ears, a bad smell and your pet yelping if you touch the ears.nnSo who are these tiny pests, the ear mites? They are minute parasites that live in the lining of the ear canal. nnThey penetrate the skin to feed on the blood supply, resulting in swelling and pain for your pet.nnYeast and bacterial infections are in store for your pet if you don\'t take action against an ear mite problem. nnIf you still do nothing your pet could lose his hearing or require expensive surgery.nnBad news if you have more than one pet too as ear mites can be passed from one animal to another. nnEar mite infections are a particular problem in places where there are large numbers of animals, such as pounds, boarding kennels and breeders. nnThe best advice is to treat the whole group for ear mites simultaneously.nnAlthough both dogs and cats may contract ear mites, you should take special car if you are the proud owner of a spaniel as their glorious long haired long ears are especially attractive to ear mites.nnLuckily there are treatments to help get rid and prevent ear mite infections. PNP Healthy Ears Ear Cleanser for Dogs is made from a range of mild and gentle components that softly rid the ear of dirt and wax and other discharge from the ear. nnIt can help prevent ear infections, and is easy to apply with a specially designed nozzle. Use regularly and apply after swimming.nnAnother ear cleaner option is Lambert Kay Ear Rite Insecticidal Ear Wash. nnIt helps clean the external ear surfaces, preventing infection. If you want to keep your pet\'s ears dry, try ClearQuest Ear Powder. nnIt is suitable for both dogs and cats and helps to control odor and keep ears dry and therefore more resistant to yeast infections.nnClearQuest also make Ear Wipes - a quick and convenient way to keep your cat or dog\'s ears clean and healthy. nnMade with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients, these wipes will stop any yeast or bacterial infection in its tracks. They are quick and simple to use, come in a tidy resealable container, so every time you get a perfect wipe.nnDr Golds Extra Gentle Ear Therapy for dogs and cats is another option to clean your pet\'s ears quickly, cleanly and effectively. nnBe amazed how quickly this product will neutralize the odor from yeast and mite infections, and feel reassured that the product also disinfects with added natural ingredients such as Witch hazel and Tea Tree Oil.nnIf you want to bring in something stronger, reach for Zymox For Cats. nnWith a natural substance that kills mites, it will speedily resolve your pet\'s mite problems. This product comes strongly recommended from breeder and people who show dogs.nnZymox For Cats is a strong solution to an ear mite infection. It is used in cases where the animal has severe inflammation of the external ear due to ear mite, yeast and bacterial infections. nnUse once a day for seven days for acute symptoms and double the time for chronic infections.nnUse Zymox Ear Drops to keep your pet\'s ears clean and mite free. nnWatch out for those warning signs and use Otic HC to deal with ear mite and yeast problems fast.