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Cat Care Means Having Pet Insurance

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Cat care and dog health can be expensive matters. After all, accidents and diseases happen, and veterinarian costs are quite high. We fall in love with our pets easily, though. When something goes wrong, many people are hard-pressed to make the decision to put a feline down or have a dog put to sleep.

Many people don't realize that pet insurance should be part of dog and cat care considerations. Having coverage can help offset expenses should a pet need serious veterinary care.

The average domestic dog and cat can live up to twenty years, which means you're looking at a reasonable sum in premiums over the course of your pet's life. One site advises that instead of paying insurance premiums, simply put the money aside in a separate fund for emergencies.

That's not a bad idea, if you can do it. Having an emergency fund means that, if everything goes well, when all is said and done, you'll still have the money there.

Some dog and cat lovers still opt for the security that insurance offers rather than risk going into debt. Over the last few years, there have been major technical advances in the field of veterinarian medicine. It is the addition of these discoveries that have increased the cost of dog and cat care.

We are all familiar with how expensive the hospital can be for a human, whether it's a visit to the emergency room or for a long-term illness. Many of the same treatments used on humans are now used on animals. Dog and cat care can include organ transplants, radiation therapy, and a multitude of other treatments reserved for terminal illness.

Veterinarians rely on MRIs and other high-end pieces of equipment to help reach a diagnosis. In the past five years alone, vet costs have risen 73% and add up to a staggering $19 billion dollars.

While pet insurance might help to defray some of the costs of dog and cat care, a policy won't solve all of your financial problems. As with any other medical coverage, policies may also include a large deductible and a limit on how much you can spend in a year.

Pre-existing problems are usually not covered. In addition, premiums increase the older felines or canines get. Some pet insurance companies won't cover a pet over a certain age, while others will tack on a hefty surcharge for senior animals.

Deciding whether dog and cat care should include pet insurance isn't an easy choice. This decision becomes more difficult when you need to choose when enough is enough, as pet insurance may make it easier for you to choose long-term dog and cat care for terminal illnesses when the animal might be more comfortable being put down. Only you can make the choice of whether pet insurance is a good one for your needs.