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Which Pet Is Better, Dog Or Cat?

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By nature we will be discriminating with both species if we will try to make comparisons with each other. But certain qualities and features of both the species need to be understood with respect to your availability of time, liking, space, energy etc.
Dogs are loyal, energetic, playful and fun; never leave the master house at any cost.
Cats can live very well without master’s daily attention.

Since cats are so independent, they won't get as upset as a dog if you don't have as much time to spend with them every day. Dogs are very needy animals and they will be less likely to tolerate it if you have a few busy days where they get less attention.
If you have to travel, a cat will be fine alone in the house for a few days. A plenty of food and water is required, and the rest they will handle themselves.

With a cat you don't have to worry about squeezing in bath time for the pet.
Most dogs have to take frequent trips to the salon to get their hair trimmed. This is more so if you have breeds such as a poodle, schnauzer, etc. Cats never need to be trimmed.

Cats don't long to go outside and run as much as dogs do. Dogs are so full of energy that they require frequent trips outside to run and play. Unlike cats, they will go stir crazy being locked up in a house for too long.

Cats are more content lying at your feet or in your lap while you are busy working on the computer, for example. Dogs tend to jump all over you and expect you to stop what you are doing to play with them.

Cats don't jump to all of their food down at once like a dog does. You can feel more comfortable leaving a cat a large bowl of food to eat on for several days. No matter how much food you leave for a dog, they will try to eat it all at once, and then wind up hungry later with an empty bowl.

Dogs are lovely and bark at everything, causing alertness. Cats usually aren't afraid of thunder and don't care if a neighbor walks by the house.

You don't have to worry about squeezing in time to walk the cat on days when you are so busy you don't even have time for morning coffee.

If you have to work an extra long day at work and then take the kids to lawn tennis practice and don't return home until well after dark, a cat won't care. Dogs, on the other hand, will be very frustrated that you left them for so long that they may have an accident on the floor or tear up your favorite rug in revenge.

The Gist is: Oh the love and passion Dogs have that is rare to be seen even among humans. Dogs are lovely and help the police squads while doing their sniffing job, find out murder mysteries on the other hand Dogs are gluttons. But overall Dogs are lovely.