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Confused On How To Care For Your Cat? Read These Tips Today!

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Although cats can be great pets, they can be quite expensive to take care of. Veterinarian bills, cat food, cat toys and kitty litter all add up. You should keep reading to learn more about properly caring for your cat.

Your older scratching post should be kept. While you may find the old scratching post unattractive, your cat probably is going to prefer it. If you opt for a new one, the cat may decide the couch is a better option. An old post can be neatened up and given new life by wrapping it in fresh sisal rope coils.

Cats spend lots of time grooming themselves. Your cat can get hairballs in the event that their hair is too long. There are special foods that can ease this issue. There are foods that are made to reduce the frequency of hairballs. It's a smart move for your cat and your sanity.

Some male cats get urinary crystals, but this is preventable with proper diet. If they have to pass the crystals it can cause the cat a lot of pain and paying a vet to help with this can cost you a lot of money. Let your cat have food that doesn't have a lot of magnesium in it. Always read labels. Products that contain fish are normally much higher in magnesium over ones containing poultry.

Feed your cat quality cat food. Check out the ingredients, and make sure it includes protein, such as meat, as the first item in the list. The foods to avoid are those with a large amount of corn and low amounts of protein. Cats need meat, not vegetables.

If you are planning an extended stay away from home, you probably won't want to leave your cat there unattended. Boarding a cat can be very expensive, and it is difficult to choose a trustworthy cat sitter. Speak with your vet to get information on a cat sitter. A pet sitter that has a relationship with your vet will be most qualified.

Check out your local shelter if you are thinking about getting a cat. Shelters always have plenty of cats available and adoption fees are usually very affordable. When you adopt a cat from a shelter, you save a life and help keep the cat population under control.

You should reconsider a choice of providing table scraps to your cat. Human food isn't great for cats because of the ingredients, additives, and cooking methods. To give a cat a real treat, offer a small amount of egg, beef or chicken you have cooked. However, as long as you follow the instructions for feeding on your choice of cat food, his diet should be nutritionally complete.

Read the ingredient list on cat food. There are certain foods that contain chemicals and fillers which could be harmful to your cat. These types of foods may not be immediately harmful, but they are lacking in nutrition. You should purchase food that has protein listed first in the ingredient list.

Cats often view small spaces as a fun challenge. Cats that wear collars are at risk should they become stuck somewhere cramped. Breakaway collars will "break" if they're pulled too tight. This can keep your cat alive.

Cats aren't the same as owning a dog or other pet; however, the rewards to be had can be greater for you. Cats are actually excellent hunters and often get the kill. It's not surprising that cats are popular given the attributes that have been described.