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Protect Exotic Birds: Let Them Live Free

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Sounds tragic and it is really so. Can you imagine an Amazon parrot which should at least lead a full-length life of seventy to seventy-five years perishes at five? Do the birds die natural death or forced to die premature? Captivating and capturing exotic birds to cater the interests of the pet industry that sells and exports these creatures make the whole mess. The industry definitely earns billions through this business but at the cost of the precious lives of these exotic living beings.

Large macaws to little canaries and millions of other birds die every year before living the bare minimum time span they should. In the name of protection and care these birds are captured and caged. They are automatically deprived from their natural environment that puts them down to death.

Behind the bars they fall sick

Give the best nutritious diet to the exotic bird but cage it for whole life. The bird will fall sick and lose its charm. It will finally die within a few years. Actually the pet bird industry is an imprisonment for the exotic birds. Cutting them from their natural surrounding ultimately cut short their lives. Why does this happen?

We, the human beings call ourselves as social animals. But it would be wrong to think that animals and birds don't have a society and emotional feelings. Definitely there is a heaven and hell difference in the means of communication and sharing between man and animals but they also do the same as human beings do. If we are discarded from our community or stripped off from our society, will we be able to accept the consequence? Birds too response in the same way as if they have been stripped off from their very own nature. Ornithologists have also researched and found out that exotic birds suffer from emotional stress after being separated from the flock.

Freedom of exotic birds: Your turn to help

Never support the taming of exotic birds especially by caging them as pets. Who are you to take away their freedom? If you are really an exotic bird lover, get in touch with a bird sanctuary. Find out how they keep birds under natural conditions and if you too can make arrangement of the same then you can think of keeping a companion bird.

Raise your voice against the poor conditions birds are kept in by the pet retailers and bring them to notice of the concerned authority. Actions must be taken immediately and each one of us should contribute to protect the exotic bird. If it is not done within time, days are not far when the exotic birds will become extinct very much like the lost world of dinosaurs.