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How To Keep Birds As Pets

27 14:30:05
Having Birds as Pets: Responsible Ownership of Pet Birds

There are a lot of people who think that if you want to have a pet bird, it is like buying it and sticking it in a cage. Owning pet birds is not just feeding them when necessary and sometimes changing their paper. You have to be very responsible if you have decided to keep birds as pets. Even if you consider to give them some bird toys, it does not mean that you will have healthy and happy pet bird.It is a great responsibility and if you really want to acquire a companion, think in advance whether you are able to handle.

Before you start, consider a few things which are important if you intend to have a pet bird and after that you have to make the final decision to keep birds as pets or to choose a different type of pet.

Think about the cost

Depending on what pet bird you are going to have and how big it is, the expenses are different. For example, the larger the cage is the more expensive it is. Also there are other supplies, be ready to pay for some additional things.

Not only the cage, the same is with the food- the larger your pet bird is the more food you will need for it. Probably you think that all this sounds really expensive and you are right, do not forget that there are also toys and maintenance of the cage, all of them very important.

There are unexpected costs, for vets ,for example, who are maybe not very helpful with birds and you have to seek for an avian specialist who is very expensive.

Think about the time

You may think that you do not have free time to have a dog so you'd better have a pet bird because they do not require a lot of attention. You are wrong! Some people even do not have time for a nap, they will not have enough time for pets, either. For good bird health it is very important to handle them and play with them as much as you can.

Think about the space

Also there are a lot of people who think that birds do not require a lot of space and they are wrong again. The bigger your bird is the bigger space it needs, so be ready to move out some furniture. They also need to fly so if you do not have space for it, you'd better reconsider the things.

But do not forget the great advantage of having a pet bird - you can have a friend for life if you look after them properly, they are real characters and they bring joy and color in your home. Also they live long and they are commitment for a long period.