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See How Clicker Training Can Be Very Effective With A Parrot As Well

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Yes, it of course does. Although clicker training was originally reserved for dogs, it is now commonly practiced for training parrots too. As a matter of fact, it is one of the surest means of training a parrot various tricks like picking a nut from between your lips, ringing a toy bell or sorting playing cards. It also involves a subtle communication between you and your parrot. A clicker basically is a small hand-held device which when pressed, produces a clicking noise that is somewhat louder than your mouse click. Every time the bird does something correctly or acts in a definite way, the trainer does the click, which is immediately followed by a tasty treat. So you see, it works two-ways aE" firstly, the parrot knows that he/she has done something correctly, and it thereby encouraged to continue, and secondly, it can link the success with a treat. Clicker Training Represents Brain Gym For Your Parrot Just as humans cannot live by bread alone, needing something else to stir the gray matters, animals and birds prove no exception too.


An intelligent and sizable bird like a parrot or a cockatoo may become bored unless it has something witty and interesting to play with. As humans enjoy solving cross-word puzzles, birds also get pleasure from hitting on the right point during a clicker session. It stimulates their natural desire to figure things out, thereby enriching their ability to learn more. aEoeBridgeaE� Solves The Communication Gap People researching clicker training often come across the word aEoeBridgeaE�, which in realty means a conduit between the trainer and the trainee. The bridge is also the signal for the parrot to know it has hit the right point, while the clicking noise is the indication that tempting food items are following behind. In fact, it is the positive reinforcement for the bird to associate right solution with alluring olives or tempting walnuts. Wait For The aE�Behavior' The fundamentals of clicker training include the behavior of the trainee parrot. You may have to wait for the behavior to occur. Undesirable behavior may be ignored or treated with a warning sign for the bird to start all over again. But if you find that such undesired behaviors are rising rapidly, you must discontinue clicker training at once as otherwise, the parrot will become perpetually averse to the training procedure.

Food Reward And Clicker Training To train your pet parrot or for that matter any other animal, it is essential that you offer prizes, and food is of course the most important prize always. After all, unlike us humans, no other species are materially concerned aE" to them, food represents the most important thing aE" the other important things being shelter and sex. So now matter how you are training your parrot, you must always offer food rewards whenever the bird does something correctly or follows your order accurately. This is true for clicker training as well. For a parrot a good treat can be seeds and nuts. And the best time to train your pet might be just before feeding time because your parrot is sure to feel hungry and is more likely to follow your orders if it can associate food with performance. Good luck with your beloved parrot. Kind regards Andre