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Types Of Pet Turtles - The Hottest Turtle Varieties For Pets

2016/5/4 10:35:33

For pet turtle enthusiasts, diverse types of pet turtles can be considered. As a raiser, it is your responsibility to be familiar with them and their well-being. Turtles require attention even though we always say that they do not need so much of it. Picking from the numerous types of pet turtles entail care and feeding know-how.

The regular types of pet turtles include the box turtle. It is among the popular varieties of turtle found in moist and mossy regions. They are extremely territorial in nature. They need to remain close to their birth place all their life as much as possible. In truth, once you relocate them, their instinct is to search look for that previous territory and as much as possible find a way to return to this place.

Though they do not locate their former home, they can still spend a lifetime looking for that place. Box turtles are among the several types of pet turtles with which you have create a habitat which resembles their previous home. They are omnivorous like most turtles. They feed on insects, berries as well as other food kinds. Country homes are perfect for box turtles since the place is so much like their natural habitation.

Of the most attractive types of pet turtles, the painted turtle is a top choice among owners. They have distinctive and colorful shell markings. They range in color, from olive to black together with golden and red stripes along their legs and necks. They have softer shell and grow to a maximum length of 10 inches. Painted turtles are marine creatures and can thrive underwater.

The slider turtle is also one of the diverse types of pet turtles. It has become a very controversial issue because of the previously known salmonella scare where it was discovered that some children contracted the dreaded disease through these turtles. On the other hand, the slider's popularity did not end there. It was able to regain again its popularity and from then on, they were considered as exceptional turtle pets which every turtle enthusiasts desire to have as pet.

The sliders are types of pet turtles which usually dwell in swampy regions that include a lot of mud. They can also be found in lakesides and ponds and these types of turtles is one of the species which love to spread their bodies under the sun. When it comes to feeding these creatures, you should know that these are omnivorous and they love to eat goldfishes, worm cubes, food sticks and veggies.

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