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Why Do People Love Toy Poodles?

2016/5/4 10:33:53

Toy Poodles are small Poodles bred for show. Poodles are remarkably intelligent and skillful in different dog sports i.e. agility, tracking, herding and obedience. There are also two other types of poodles apart from the toy, these are the miniature ones and those of the standard sizes.

People in Germany and France used Poodles as gun dogs. Originating in Germany, the name of this dog is derived from the German term "pudel" which means to splash in water.

Most poodles have a curly coat. They are non-shedding and are dense. A poodle's coat requires regular grooming though so if you are not the type who would do this on a daily basis, a poodle whether it's a toy poodle, a miniature or a standard one is not for you.

Although these dogs look rather posh, they are very intelligent and have a high hunting drive. They are also highly energetic and can get bored if they do not have much activity. Being the world's best show dogs, Poodles love attention. In fact, they love to be the center of it all since they love people.

Poodles need a lot of exercise. Toy poodles in particular love to fetch and play ball. They get thirsty pretty easily though so be sure to have your dog's water container ready so he or she can drink some water after playtime. All poodles are easy to housebreak especially if you started them young. They follow instructions well and are quick to learn new tricks.

If you mention the word "poodle" most people would think of well-groomed and posh animals sporting designer haircuts. Poodles do not do well in terms of popularity even if they almost always win show contests. This wasn't the case centuries before though because during ancient Egyptian times, Poodles were depicted as working dogs that retrieve different animals in marshes.

They were originally bred to catch fowl in water shot down by its masters. Their humble history however seldom crosses the minds of many people who think of Poodles as just show dogs.

Although these dogs are always mentioned as originating from Germany, it is believed that they lived in ancient Egypt before they were brought to Europe by traders. Another theory is that these dogs were taken from the Asian Steppes by North African Berbers and later on found their way to Portugal in the early 8th century.

This leads many dog enthusiasts to believe that these dogs are closely related to the Portuguese water dog. These dogs were favorites among gypsies because they made great pets. However during the Renaissance, these dogs served a rather dubious role of being hand warmers inside the sleeves of noblemen. The toy poodle in particular was used for this purpose. This utilization of the breed contributes to its rather murky past. Poodles are not just show dogs, they also pack a lot of history.

If you want to get a Toy Poodle puppy, be sure to check with your local veterinarian. They will usually be able to tell you who the good breeders are. This will help you to choose a well cared for dog that will bring you years of happiness.

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