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Heated Cat Beds For Indoor and Outdoor Cats

2016/5/3 16:41:41

Perhaps you think a heated cat bed sounds rather luxurious. But, if your cat is getting on in years, there are a lot of potential improvements for his health if he has a heated bed. It is proven that older cats get relief from joint pains on a heated pad. Older cats may need a little help to keep warm and a heated cat bed maintains the natural body temperature of around 102 degrees.

Cold weather with wind, rain or snow will make your cat more likely to become ill if he spends most of his time outdoors. It has been shown in veterinary evidence that a beneficial effect on a cat’s immune system is found if he has access to a heated cat bed. This could save your cat unnecessary suffering and save you money on vet bills.

If you have a cat that has been unwell or who is recovering after an operation, he will be far more likely to rest if he has somewhere warm and cosy to curl up. This will be sure to speed up his recovery.

A cat heating pad or a heated cat bed gives your cat a lot of comfort. It is comforting for you too, as his owner to feel that your cat is safe and warm in bad weather if he is an outdoor cat. You can safely leave the bed plugged in if you have an outdoor building, perhaps a garage or store.

If your cat is an indoor cat, left at home alone all day whilst you are at work, a heated cat bed has many benefits too. He will be cosy in his bed without you having to leave the heating on in the house in cold weather. If he is lonely, it is nice to think that he gets the same sort of comfort from the warmth and security of his bed as he would otherwise get from sitting on your lap.

Cat beds are not expensive to purchase. I have managed to find a heated cat bed online at a brilliant price for my kitty. You will also find that, because the heating element in the cat bed is only about 4 watts, it is very cheap to run as well. They are safe, as they will never heat to more than the cat’s body temperature. Cat beds will save you money as you only have to heat the cat bed, not the house if you want to keep your cat warm when you are away from home. By ensuring that your cat is kept warm in the worst weather and by giving him somewhere where he can recuperate if he has been ill, you may also save money on vet’s bills.

I would say in summing up, that in my opinion, heated cat bedsare far from being a frivolous luxury,they are a kind and thoughtful way of providing for your cat’s needs, especially in cold weather.

To find out where to buy heated cat beds including a thermo kitty cuddle up please use the links provided.