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Dogs Mans Best Friend

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Dogs Man\'s Best Friend

The answer to this question is easy for everyone who has or had a dog. I've always been attracted to dogs. I primarily I’m amazed by their ability to love unselfishly their owners, their loyalty and commitment. The owner takes care of the dog and gives him all he needs attention and love and in return gets a lot really.

Word owner might seem a bit rough in this context; it would be better to say that dogs love and are loyal to the man who cares about them. Take the dog, means care of it properly and I think that is certainly the only way to have a dog.

Dogs are like humans as social beings, and from my experience I can say that they see their owners as pack members. Their loyalty and devotion is very close to the human idea of love and community, and the dogs were always almost equal members of the family. I have always seen my dog as a friend and someone about whom I should worry about and gave him everything he needs. I always had a partner for the play with but I never treated my dog only as a "toy" which i leave on the side when I get bored. In return, I always received the limitless loyalty and have a great friend.

The reason why the dogs and the Human was always a good friend it is surely because they have a great way to communicate with people, they can learn from us and we learn from them too. In time we learn to recognize the signals they send and which consist for instance of body posture, facial expressions, sounds and smells. The dogs rely in their lives mostly on sense of smell and hearing so that among other things, they recognize us by smell, sound, and then later by our characteristic movements.

Probably everyone knows that when the dog is satisfied he wags with his tail widely and thus shows friendly intentions, but with tail dog shows also other emotions such as anger and that is when a dog wags tail up and down tensely, if his tail is lowered between the legs, he shows that he is afraid, if he spins his tail rigid and low, meaning that he is nervous. A dog who feels the dominant wanting to leave the impression that he is even greater than it is his ears and tail is raised high above with a protruding chest ahead and with a ruffled fur on the neck and back. If a dog feels humbly he tries to look smaller, kneeling close to the ground let down and wagging his tail. These are just some examples of the mass of the way dogs communicate with people and other dogs.

Through time of great 13 years that I had my sweet female Pekingese dog Mini I learned a lot about dogs, enriched by new knowledge’s and many times, really on the best possible way I got a proof why the dogs are man's best friend.