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Does Your Dog Really Need a Bed?

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Does Your Dog Really Need a Bed?

     If you get your dog used to sleeping in one spot it's less likely to sleep on the floor or other hard surfaces which can cause arthritis and calluses in later years. By observing your canine, you will have a better idea of what product to look for as his daily comfortable resting place.

Some Dog Bed Consdierations

Have you ever considered you dog's specific needs for comfortable rest? Does he sprawl and stretch out completely? Does he like to hang his head over the edge? Taking some of these questions into account will help you select the perfect dog bed for your pet.

Dog Bed Features and Benefits

Orthopedic foam holds its shape for a longer time and will not need to be replaced as often as beds with traditional polyfil or cedar chips. A dog bed allows your pet to have his own space, a place where he can curl up, relax and sleep. Beds with sides are great for dogs that like to hang their head over the edge as mentioned above.

Orthopedic beds are often a good choice for a senior canine as they are designed with special high-density foam for additional comfort and cushion for your dog's aching bones and joints.

Similar to humans, dogs also experience changes as they age. Their joints can stiffen, or their bones become thinner. Older dogs enjoy sleeping more and playing less. There are medical reasons too, old achy bodies can mean a cranky pet so look for a dog bed with memory foam or a good orthopedic bed.

If you have a little dog a small round pillow-type bed could be ideal. It will let your little dog burrow down and nest. They come in a variety of styles, materials and colors and most can be thrown straight into the washing machine, but make sure the dog is not still in it :-). Make sure the bed is easy to clean and machine washable.

Make sure the bed is big enough for your dog. If he's stretched out to his maximum, make sure the bed is big enough to support his entire body. Try measuring your dog and then add 5 inches to ensure a comfortable fit. If the bed's too small then your dog will just not use it.

Some beds are also specifically treated to eliminate mold, fungus, or other outdoor hazards which may affect your dog. These dog beds are ideal if your dog sleeps outside a lot or if he sleeps in a dog house.

A strenuous day can mean an evening of discomfort with a pulled muscle or painful joints. Your dog will enjoy a high quality dog bed for all the same reasons that we enjoy our beds!