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What Does a Raccoon Eat in the Wild?

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Raccoons may seem cute, but the way you see them may change once they infest your property. They may spread insects and diseases not only to pets, but also to people. It is important to identify what types of food these animals eat to prevent them from infesting your home.

What do raccoons eat in the wild?
Raccoons have strong and dextrous paws that are powerful enough to tear through rotten wood, open trash bins or windows. While they are in the wild, these creatures use their paws to catch fish, steal eggs or hatchlings from nests. They also pick edible fruits from trees.

These animals with a bandit-like appearance also use their paws to raid fruit and vegetable gardens, chicken coops, pet food bowls and garbage cans before they return to their habitats.

Nuts and berries are also staple food of these animals while they live in the wild. These are easy to get and gather once the colder months approach.

What do racoons eat in the city?
Raccoons that end up wandering in cities have a difficult time looking for their staple food of nuts and fruits. They still find bird eggs, rodents and squirrels but are scarcer compared to living in the wild.

Raccoons in the city will rummage dumpsters, garbage cans and other similar places to get food.

These animals will look for warmth and a place to raise their young once the winter months come along. Your home will be an enticing destination because of these two traits.

Once raccoons infest your home, they will cause a lot of damage and may spread insects and disease. They tear through rotten wood, damaging the exterior and interior of your property. They might damage the electrical wiring with their chewing and tearing. They might also destroy or severely damage insulation as they tear through walls looking for a warm place to turn into a den.

Instead of trapping and killing these animals, you have a humane and effective alternative when you call Montreal wildlife control.

How can you remove raccoons from your property?
Montreal wildlife control professionals provide expert and humane services to make sure that your home is pest-free and will not return. Experts from Montreal wildlife control companies like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control use safe and effective methods to get raccoons out and keep them out of your property.

They assess your property and pinpoint the exact location of a raccoon's den. Once they find the den, they lure the mothers out and make sure the animals remain unharmed throughout the process. The removers also seal potential entry points of the animals they remove from your property.