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Spending the Holidays with Your Dog

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Dog owners usually take their dogs on vacation with them. Dog owners who love their dogs with the heart and soul do not want to miss its company when they are gone. Of course, you can always spend your vacation at home or you can plan something and travel with your dog.

Not all forms of leave are equally well suited for the holidays with your dog. The type of holiday should match the needs of the dog even if you could take your (well-behaved) dog almost everywhere with you. And finally, you should also consider the reality: dogs are always welcome and thus, the vacation will hardly be relaxing if you cannot find a place to stay for your dog.

Forms of leave with your dog

There are types of vacation you can take your dog on. For example, you can rent an apartment or a house, which is probably the most common solution if you want to go on holiday with your dog. There are now many providers that offer apartments or houses where dogs are not only allowed but actually welcome.

Whether in a tent, a caravan or a motor home, a camping holiday is ideal for dogs. Most dogs enjoy living in a confined space with their master. Many campgrounds welcome dogs to attract more tourists.

Nowadays, you can also stay at the hotel with your dog. There are not very many hotels that offer this service, but there are some. Of course, these offers are usually quite difficult to find.

There are also more unusual forms of vacations you can spend with your dog. You can rent a boat and sail on channels or go on holiday on the farm. Or you can come up with something else.

Beach, mountains, tourist destinations

The accommodation is not the only important thing when going on holiday. What you do is equally important. You should inquire about dog beaches if you want to go to the seaside. Hiking in the mountains or elsewhere is often ideal for dogs and dog owners. You should always have a waste bag with you. Well-mannered dog owners have a waste bag.

Things will be somewhat more difficult if you plan sightseeing trips. Dogs are not allowed or desired in churches, castles or even amusement parks. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. However, some dog-friendly hotels may offer to watch your dog while you visit these attractions.

You can also take your dog on a sporting vacation. It does not have to be a downhill skiing vacation. It may be an agility or dog dancing seminar, for example.

Traveling abroad with your dog

You should not waste any time and take care of the visa requirements and regulations (several months before) if you want to go abroad with your dog. Travels are often more stringent for dogs than for humans, so they have to be planned well in advance. You can get information about the applicable regulations in each country, especially in less visited countries, and tourist information in tourist offices and at the embassies. These rules may change, so you should check whether the rules you know are still valid before you leave on the trip.

There are often some entry rules. Vaccinations must often be carried out weeks or even months before entry. Official veterinary health certificates with different contents are often required. Some countries have regulations on quarantine, so you should think very carefully about whether you really want to go on a journey there together with your dog.

It is easier to plan holidays in your home country because the rules are not as strict. However, you should also catch up with the news on the animal friendliness of the respective municipality or city before choosing the travel destination because there may be significant differences.

You should also consider the climatic conditions on the resort. For example, dogs that love cold more than heat such as Labradors or Huskies may not find a beach holiday in the south so great. Also, the man and dog must have the appropriate fitness before going on a hiking holiday. This can be achieved through long walks.

A real vacation without their dog would surely be unthinkable for committed dog owners. Last minute or spontaneous trips will be more difficult to plan. It is best to think of the holidays and do some planning before the purchase of the dog.