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Commercial Dog Food Diets For Your Dog - Could They Be The Right Choice?

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Prepared dog food has been highly perfected as to taste, smell, longevity, and nutritional balance, usually with the help of renowned veterinarians. Countless healthy dogs have been raised on nothing else. Completion is keen for this market, and you will find a very large and sometimes confusing selection on your grocery shelves.

Canned dog food, which may or may not be a complete diet, is enriched with vitamins and minerals, containing a mix of protein, fat, and bulk in varying proportions. You will need to study the labels to see which one is best suited to your dog's individual needs. All dog foods are not alike, and any deficiencies will show up in your dogs behavior and health.

All canned dog food products are soft and moist. Due to their high water content, (about 77 percent), you may be giving your dog less nourishment than you think. Because of this lack of consistency between brands, and also your own dog's requirements, no one brand or type will absolutely fill all possible needs. In addition to his dog food, you should also give your dog hard biscuits, a raw carrot, an apple, (without the core and seeds), and a bone from time to time, (but only in larger breeds), as small dogs can't tolerate bones in their digestive systems as well due to their smaller size.

Moist burger or patties are the newest invention in dog food. It looks like hamburger, but is actually a complete food, containing less moisture, (about 30 percent), than canned products, and requires no refrigeration, which is convenient. On the other hand, it is soft, which is fine for older dogs and puppies with teething problems, but healthy adults need chewing supplements if this is their only nourishment. And again, you need to read the label as to ingredients, and possible age recommendation.

Dry dog food has also been modernized in a blend of all the necessary canine dietary elements, but of course in varying amount of the ingredients, so you must read the labels. Dry dog foods come in varying sizes to accommodate the size of the dog, small bits for puppies and small breeds, and large chunks for big breeds. With a moisture content of only about 10 percent, you may want to add water milk or gravy to soften. If your dog eats this food dry he will need more water after each meal. Dry food is usually composed of half cereal and half animal products, with added vitamins and minerals, but very little fat due to spoilage; therefore you will need to supplement fat in other ways.

Dog biscuits are sold in various shapes and forms including whole biscuits and kibble, (broken into small pieces). They are a mixture of cereals, bone meal, vitamins, minerals, with the addition of powdered milk, which is used as a binder. A dog biscuit or dry dog food diet definitely needs to be completed by the addition of meat and fat for the average dog. This has become the favorite diet for many breeders who buy in bulk and can very the quantities of dry food, meat, fat, and supplements to meet the individual needs of each animal.

Dry foods and dog biscuits neither sour nor spoil, making them ideal for a self-feeding diet, in which a constant supply of food and water is available. This obviously saves time and money, but can lead to the obesity, especially if exercise is limited. The recommended quantities on the labels are good general yardsticks, but are average requirements and are not a good substitute for your own observation and judgment. You may have to double the amount for an active dog during cold weather or reduce the amount for inactive dogs.

To summarize, commercial dog foods are convenient, and economical especially if you buy in bulk. However, no one dog food, or food type will fulfill all their needs. You will have to work with your dog to see what supplements you may need to add to his diet, such as fat, meat, a carrot, apple, or a bone, along with vitamin supplements that are now available. Ask your veterinarian what they recommend, and use this as a starting point. Proper diet and exercise will mean a happier healthier pet, and fewer behavior problems and trips to the vet.