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Why Does My Dog Need A Dog Swim Vest?

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Do you think that it is a ridiculous idea that a dog would need dog swimming vest? While many people would agree with you, there are legitimate reasons for a dog life jacket.

Do you have a very small dog yet enjoy taking them on trips to the beach, lake, or just to your backyard to the pool? While many dogs are very good swimmers, there are some that cannot swim very well and need the extra boost that a dog water vest would provide.

You may not be able to get to a small dog by the time you realize that it has fallen overboard before it sinks. If the dog was wearing a dog swim vest, the floatation would allow them a little more time so you can get to them.

If you own a pool and want to make sure your dog is safe, a large or small dog life jacket will keep your dog safe and prevent them from drowning. It provides that extra buoyancy they need to keep their heads above the water. Many dog life jackets have a handle on the top that allows you to pull the dog out of the water.

There are even large dogs that need a dog floatation jacket. If your dog is anything like my 100lb German shepherd, once the water hits his belly, he freaks out. I wouldn抰 trust him in the middle of a lake. A dog life vest would also be great for an aging dog. One, who may not have the strength or stamina to allow for a swim, but with an extra aid from a dog life preserver, can enjoy the water how they did when they were little.

But please note you should never leave a dog unattended when around water and wearing the swim vest.

Finally, it is important that you measure your dog correctly so that your dog can抰 slip out of the jacket. The jacket should provide adequate movement for their legs and neck so they can safely swim while in the water.

Some of the most popular brands for designer dog floatation vests are Doggles, Outward Hound, Ruff Wear, and Paws Aboard.