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Tips to Stop Dog Barking Problems

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Like every type of pet a dog can have all sorts of irritating behaviors, and one of the worst can involve excessive barking. All sorts things can cause a dog to bark, and it's necessary to identify the exact reason so that the problem can be dealt with effectively. A barking dog always starts because of a trigger in the immediate setting. The barking may be an assertion of supremacy, in response to another animal or dog in the area. Or the dog may bark to declare its territorial borders. And it may bark just because it likes to bark. Barking can be problematic for some dogs who have never been properly socialized with other dogs, and so they bark to get more attention from their owners.

Fixing This Problem

Many dog owners just make the barking problem worse by rewarding their dog when the barking stops; of course, this kind of negative attention is only a short-term fix. A dog must understand that barking is not suitable conduct and will not be tolerated, nor rewarded, in any way. When the dog owner responds to the barking issue by screaming at the dog, the owner is simply giving the dog attention which encourages the behavior, even though your response is negative. If an owner lets a dog in the house that has been constantly barking outside, this also sends the message that such behavior will be tolerated - and the behavior will just continue and probably get worse. If a dog is given consolation for barking or given a treat to placate him, these are also forms of negative reinforcement for the dog barking issue.

It is possible, however, to rectify the issue of dog barking, if you train your dog using one of a few effective procedures. One of the first strategies is to remain calm and not react when the dog begins barking at something ordinary, like a doorbell or a ringing phone. You should show the dog that the sound of the ringing doorbell or phone, is no cause for alarm, and you can do this by not getting up immediately when these sounds happen. When you are training your dog, it would be advantageous for the both of you if you run the telephone or doorbell routinely to ensure that they understand that there is no need to have a reaction toward these sounds.

Lest a dog barking issue should prevail during the owner's absence, this issue can be prevented as well. The first way is to be sure your dog has always had plenty of exercise and is surrounded by enough toys, which will keep it busy and calm. If a dog continually engages in barking during their owner's absence, the owner should refrain from greeting the dog when they finally get home until they have completely calmed down. When a dog is quiet and not barking the owner should offer them praise, but when there is barking, the dog owner needs to discipline their dog to ensure they understand there is a consequence for their behavior (including a shock collar or loud, sharp noises).

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