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How To Stop a Chihuahua From Whining

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A whining Chihuahua is quite common; it is a way for them to communicate with their owners and families. This is the same when they communicate with their mother, is they cold or need some attention, hungry or fear they might be left behind. Generally the mother gives her pup what they need. So it抯 expected that your pup will communicate to you in the same way.

There is a way you can break your Chihuahua抯 habit of whining. The best way to tackle this problem is by taking away their reason for whining and by refusing what they require when they whine.

If their needs are adequately met then their need to whine is eliminated. This can be done by feeding your pet at regular intervals that meet their nutritional requirements and fresh water every day. Remember not to feed whenever they whine as it only reinforces their reward for action. Instead feed them when they don抰 whine and about the same time everyday .You will then be rewarding them for their good behavior.

These breeds love spending time and playing with their owner throughout the day. This prevents the reason for attention whining. If they start to whine ignore it and refuse to play till the whining ceases. This will also teach positive reinforcement when they behave well. Another thing you may need to consider for the times when you cannot play with them is investing in a few toys to keep them from becoming bored and whining for attention.

Dog training for your Chihuahua will also help them accept when you need to leave them alone but without them feeling abandoned. You can also do this at home by providing a room full of toys to play with. Spend some time in the room then leave for a few minutes giving them some free play time. Return after a little and sit quietly in the room and eventually work on increasing the time you are out of the room for until they begin to understand that you抣l always return to them and will accept the times when you抮e away.

By providing your Chihuahua with all their needs is fairly simple process and will eliminate their need to whine. They soon learn that their whining gets them no where but when quiet they accumulate all the rewards.