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How To Attract More Of The Dog Boarding Clients You Want

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The internet is an extremely powerful tool which has been underutilized by the dog boarding kennel industry in the past. In the last few years however, boarding kennels which have a website is commonplace. In order to attract new clients, an internet presence is absolutely necessary. However, having a website is not good enough, you must make sure that your website is found when your potential clients search for dog boarding services in your area. This has become more difficult, because there is a lot of competition, here are a few ways that your boarding kennel can get found by your clients:

Your Clients are Searching for You on the Web

Your Clients are Searching for You on the Web

1 ?Add Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to your website. With this tool you抣l be able to see exactly what keywords and phrases visitors are typing in to arrive on your site.

What are some search terms you want to be recognized for? For example if your kennel is located in or near Toronto, a common term your potential clients may search for in Google is 揹og boarding Toronto? You will want to see in Google Analytics that you visitors are entering you site via that search term.

Many books have been written on how increase search rank (Search Engine Optimization, SEO) for keywords as there are many techniques, your best bet is to purchase one. This article does not go into topic.

Installing Google Analytics on a website is very easy, sign up for Google Analytics and you will be asked to put a small piece of code on your webpages, you can do this yourself or if you are not comfortable, get your web designer to do it.

2 ?Website Calls to Action

A call to action is one the most important concepts in internet marketing. Without a call to action on your website, all the visitors you may get are wasted. A call to action directs your visitors to act in some specific, like calling them to book their dog in, or in more sophisticated boarding kennel websites, booking a dog boarding reservation online.

It is an excellent idea to place a nice big call to action at the bottom of your content on every page. This way, when the potential client is navigating through your website, they will constantly see your call to action.

3 ?Add More Content To Your Web Pages

Always remember that content is search engine food. This is how Google figures out what is on your page and what services you are offering.

Once it gets a good idea that you are offering dog boarding services to dog owners in [your town], it can begin to put your website in their search results for that term.

So, if you want to attract dog owners, you need to add relevant content to your web pages so that Google and the other search engines can send those users to your page.

Of course you are not just doing this for Google, you are also doing this for your potential clients. Make sure you tell your clients what they want to know about your boarding kennel. Some key things to have on your website are:

* pictures of your facility, make sure the pictures show your kennel as warm and inviting with lots of dogs playing and having a good time.

* where you are, with a map, and address, and even directions. You can place Google maps on your website with GPS coordinates of your kennel if your location is not a regular postal address.

* your rates and any discounts you may offer.

* all the services you offer, which may include extra services like nail trimming, grooming, etc.

* information about yourself and the history of your kennel, so the pet owners might feel they know you a bit better before they entrust the care of their beloved animals to you.

4 ?Your Google Places Listing

Register your business and website with Google Places (formerly Google Maps and Google Local). As a local-based service business Google will showcase your services to interested searchers, so get in Google Places now!

5 ?Get Listed onto is a great tool for you to use, you can be listed for free and your clients can review your dog boarding kennel in it. Thousands of pet owner go to to find dog boarding kennels in your area.

Reviews are essential for pet owners to gain confidence in leaving their dog in your care for the first time. Nobody wants to come across your listing and see that no one has said a word about you. That doesn抰 inspire a whole lot of confidence. It抯 called social proof. We look for social proof as human beings in everything we do.

A potential client wants to know that YOU are the right choice to make, and if they see others raving about you, it makes their decision that much easier (and this is all before they ever arrived on your website!).

Happy clients are all to pleased to share their wonderful experience with the world. So also provides a free service which sends out welcome home e-mails to your clients. After each new client returns home, KennelSeek will send them a welcome home email that thanks them for choosing your kennel. It also contains a direct request and link to your KennelSeek listing and asks them to share some feedback. They are even enticed to make reviews with donations on their behalf to local pet charities or if they are Canadian, Airmiles Reward Miles.

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