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Harmless and Permanent Solution to Bird Control

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Harmless and Permanent Solution to Bird Control

Birds fluttering into the home, office or any given open space in a building is a common sight and a highly common problem. It is something that a lot of people have to deal with in a daily basis and a whole lot of value in time and effort is lost in the process. With the growing amount of buildings and constructions taking place especially in the more developed city the growing menace of birds has led people to look for solutions that are successful in keeping the birds out while maintaining the safety of the birds. In the olden days, when farmers needed to safeguard their crops from the birds, a scare crow would be positioned somewhere in the centre of the plot and that would just about sum up the effort. This method, however, is of little use to the modern dare devils called pigeons; something new and more innovative is needed in current times that helps keep them out while maintaining the aesthetic beauty of the place that is protected. Two such innovative yet simple methods include use of bird control netting and spikes. These are used by simple installation methods and are extremely effective against the feral birds.

The nets are stretched across windows or wall openings and have holes large enough to let in natural light and air while keeping out the birds from intruding into the personal space of the people. The use of the product is extremely versatile and may be used in homes, offices, commercial spaces and even in industries. The industrial bird netting is useful because the chance of birds entering through high placed windows is a common thing that is witnessed in industrial premises. These birds find it convenient to fly in through windows that are high and unguarded and make homes in the high nooks and corners of the place. With the protective net it becomes a possibility to keep the birds out and one may not have to worry about the safety of the birds or the production or the machinery in the industrial area. This sort of an idea is a more permanent solution to the problem of pigeons in cities as compared to any other method. Bird spikes India are also used in combination with the bird nets so that not only is the entering of the birds controlled, but the birds are also prevented from perching on window sills, parapet walls and compound walls of areas that need to be protected.

While it is important that the pigeons and other birds that fly into personal spaces, Cause a great deal of problem in terms of health and many other ways, it is also essential that the measures used to keep them out are humane and harmless, so that there may be a peaceful co-existence of humans and nature.