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The Dog Days of Summer - Vacation With Your Pooch

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You no longer have to leave your pet at a boarding kennel when you go on vacation. Many vacation destinations are now pet friendly.

Its that time of year again, time for Summer vacation! Summer vacation means something different for all of us, but we all look forward to getting away from work and our everyday routine. Whether your family plans to go camping in the mountains, hit the beach, or fly across the country to visit family, you are probably thinking about bringing the family dog. At one time, this would not have been an option. Most of us would board our爌al at the local kennel or have the teenager next door take care燾are of him. Today however, it is a well known fact that people consider their dogs to be part of the family, and as such, want to include their pet in vacation plans.

Many爒acation destinations not only allow dogs, they encourage families to bring their pets. Many cities advertise dog-friendly accommodations, attractions, shopping and even restaurants. I live near Philadelphia and there are lots of things to do and places to go in and around the city. There is a whole list of outdoor restaurants where your pooch is welcome. Many of the shops will allow well behaved, leashed dogs inside, and you can even take your well- mannered dog on a horse and carriage ride around Independence Mall. All over the country, their are燾ampgrounds, national parks and beaches that are happy to have your furry family member. You can take your燿og boating爋r attend an event like a doggy fest which raises money for local shelters.

If you are planning to travel by air and want to bring your dog with you, do some research to check爓hich燼irlines can best accommodate your family. They can have different policies and requirements. You will need to have a certificate of health from your veterinarian. Many airlines have restrictions concerning the weather as well as length of flight and number or layovers and plane changes. It may seem scary to fly your dog in the cargo section of a plane, but certain airlines have employees trained specifically for for this purpose. The airline will advise you what kind of flight kennel you will need and if you should provide food. Most vets discourage sedating your pet as they cannot be certain how it will effect them. If you have a small dog, you should be able to carry him on and stow him under your seat.

If you are loading up your pooch for a road trip, plan on making several stops along the way. Have water available for breaks and don't forget the leash. A crate or a doggie seat belt or safety harness is the best way to keep your dog out of harm's way and keep your dog out of the driver's way. Be sure to pack favorite treats and toys and a blanket to sleep on. No matter what kind of Summer vacation you are爌lanning, if you're including the family dog, make sure to have shots current, a kennel cough vaccine, and an identification tag that will not get lost.

It may be a little extra planning and work, but it is so worth it to have your family pet join you on your Summer travels. Have fun everyone!

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