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Pet Vitamins -- Put Magic Into Their Lives

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There are several important considerations that you have to appreciate first.
a) Multivitamins are necessary for superior health for all creatures. I'll explain.
b) People-grade multivitamins do not work on pets... No way; no how!
c) A multivitamin for a dog is formulated totally differently than for a cat and equally vice-versa. So, avoid a multi-purpose multivitamin that says good for cats and / or dogs. It isn't..
d) For pets, a liquid multivitamin is far superior to a chewable vitamin. The reason why there aren't so many more liquid vitamins: short shelf life in the store.

Every living thing on this planet has a life line. For some it is shorter or longer than for others. But, in general, we all have a similar expiry date for our species whatever it is. We know that cats and dogs usually cash in between eleven and fifteen years with thirteen being pretty general.

That's unnecessarily short!

Left to our own devices, death starts internally with the aging process and externally with parasites, illnesses and diseases. That's rather simplistic. But, the point is well established.

What we have determined also is that different parts of the globe have their own ways of affecting and honoring the default setting of what we consider a decent age. But, what if, we could just tweak the system just a little, but all naturally, so as to help maximize all the settings of the default age?

What if we brought the best of the best health influences from around the globe and could take the best if not just to prolong life but also slow down the ravages that old age in the default setting would otherwise provide. So, while we may live a little longer, we would certainly be healthier than the health expectation in the default setting.

An average cat or a dog should be able to live well beyond the current eleven to fifteen years. But, more importantly, s/he should be able to enjoy its later years without the ravages of old age experienced at an earlier and earlier age in today's pets.

Just exchange the default setting by not only the years but also the health.

Start with the food they eat. Commercially prepared pet foods have not changed the default setting in terms of years. But, worse, they have lowered the years prior to the extreme discomfort of aging. They are aging prematurely and painfully. The food is garbage! No! Seriously. It really is!

When we use a base of baby food, we have dramatically improved the base quality of the food. But, when we add a multivitamin for the cat or for your dog, we also change the quality of the nutrition that adds to the longevity in the food and in the reduced affects of aging in the vitamins. This is not rocket science. And, it works. It works in both people and their pets... keeping in mind that while the general population has a certain longevity, each member has his or her own... the effects mostly of genetics.

It is important to note here that when I see a well-intentioned pet owner giving their cat or dog some human multivitamins, I know that only some of those vitamins are helpful. But, I know also that because of the narrowness of a cat and dog diet, there are nutritional supplements in vitamins made specifically for your cat and separately for your dog that still goes missing.

Get and use only cat vitamins for cats and dog vitamins for dogs. Vitamins for humans do not work well for neither cats nor dogs.

When giving your pet their appropriate vitamins, you are helping to protect them against arthritis, hip dysplasia, shedding, skin problems, allergies, digestive disorders, poisoning, epileptic seizures, lack of energy, tumors, aging and many degenerative age-related pet diseases.

Further, the closer you get to all-natural vitamins, the better for your pet at the cellular level. Artificial vitamins are not sufficiently formulated to enter and become part of the all natural pet.

Finally, when going forward with nutritional supplements for pets, liquid is better than hard and chewable. When I look at the labels for the hard varieties, the same garbage keeps showing up: meat meal, bone meal, and "may contain�". Let's be up front with this. It is road kill. It is all the stuff that, in the wild, the animal would leave behind. Yet, it's in their chewable vitamins!!

So, to help your pet live longer, live healthier, and live happier, I recommend all natural liquid nutritional supplementation specifically for your cat or dog. Even better if you make their food starting with baby food for cats.

P/S: Very soon we will begin our "cutie of the week" for both cats and dogs. You'll be able to immortalize your cat or dog right on Little Souls Pet Care.

Ciao for now.