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Do You Make This Mistake With Your Cats Carrier?

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Every cat owner knows the problem - your cat needs to be put in their carrier so that you can take them to the vet, or to the boarding establishment or because you are moving to a new home. And guess what? Suddenly your super-clingy and ever present furry companion has vanished into thin air!

And even when you finally manage to locate the fur-covered little devil after wasting time you can ill-afford, you have to battle claws, teeth, rudely hissed words and ears flattened so close to your cat's head you'd think that they's disappeared altogether. Your cat is less than co-operative as you struggle to force their rigid body into their carrier.

So why does your normal, affectionate and co-operative pet immediately turn into a feral wildcat at the very sight of their carrier?

Well, prepare yourself for a shock - it's your fault - and you probably have no idea at all that you are responsible for making The Big Mistake.

And the mistake is..

You tidy your cat's carrier away when you've finished with it.

We all do it. As soon as the trauma of transporting your cat from A to B is over, the carrier gets put in the garage, in a shed or in a cupboard out of sight and out of mind. And that is where the mistake is made. The hated carrier is hidden away.

So, as the guilty party, how can you correct your error? Can you change the situation for the better? Is it possible for your cat to ever accept their carrier and remain calm and serene around it? Without doubt they can - and you can start to correct your mistake the very second you've finished reading this!

Bring the carrier out of storage and place it in a cat-friendly place.

Place it where it is cosy and quiet.

Make it comfortable inside with a blanket or cushion.

Make it enticing by placing a catnip toy inside

Place a few tasty morsels inside.

Always leave the door wide open for free access.

Make it a fixture within your cat's everyday world.

And that's all you need to do. If you follow the above steps you can start to change the negative associations your cat has with their carrier. Each time the carrier is brought out, it triggers bad memories for your cat so it's no wonder that they connect the carrier with being forced to undergo unpleasant and unwelcome procedures whenever it appears. It is your job, as an owner, to work towards changing your cat's perception of their carrier and to replace the bad memories with good ones.

Gradually, your cat will come to accept the carrier as being part of their normal, everyday experiences and when this happens, they will be able to remain relaxed around it and in it. By also turning the carrier into a place that is attractive for your cat to sleep in, with their favorite toy and snack included, eventually the bad feelings will be chased away by good ones.

Naturally, a trip to the vet's surgery will always cause some bad feelings to re-surface. However, to overcome that particular problem you would have to make your vet part of your cat's everyday, normal experience too. And that's just not likely to happen, is it?