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Family Friendly Cat Litter Boxes

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Cats can be largely self-sufficient animals to incorporate into family life, but caring for their feeding and toiletry needs still falls to their two-legged companions. When a cat is part of a family that includes children, the best cat litter boxes to consider for purchase are automatic models. These devices help to get rid of the cat's deposited treasures before other animals or children can create a mess, and they save time in scooping.

The best cat litter tray for families are available from LitterMaid or CatGenie because they simplify the process of taking care of the toiletry needs of cats. These devices sense when the cat is done relieving itself. The device either rakes through the litter to gather any droppings to take to a self-contained disposal area, or washes and flushes the soiled litter quickly and easily.

Scooping droppings from litter boxes can take hours over the course of a week and is a dirty and smelly task to complete. Using automatic litter boxes helps to reduce contact with the droppings. Houses can remain more sanitary through the use of these boxes as well, as no droppings are left behind for the cat, other animals, or kids to play with or track around later on.

LitterMaid produces several different models. As soon as the cat is done, an automated rake comes out and pushes any solids to the end of the box, where they are deposited in a covered container. This container can be changed out easily and without the need to come into direct contact with waste. The covered container at the end of LitterMaid cat litter trays is large enough to last for a week for one cat or several days for multiple cats.

The models available from CatGenie completely rinse the litter granules every time the cat uses the device. This ensures that droppings are washed away frequently and any possible contamination or germs are immediately eliminated, leaving behind a sanitary environment for both the cat and their family. Each cleaning cartridge produces enough washes to last for a month or longer, depending on how often the cat toilets.

Cat boxes that require scooping and disposing can be very cost efficient, but demand constant and dirty work. Although automated devices have a higher upfront cost, the return on investment includes a more sanitary environment, contained or automatically eliminated waste, and far less work and attention. The best cat litter boxes that are also family friendly are those that automate the process and make life simpler and cleaner for the entire house.