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Cat 2013 Analysis: My Experience Of Taking Test On Day One

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To help you get ready for your D-Day, presents a first-person account of a candidate who took the CAT 2013 exam on Day 1, October 16. Candidate’s account of his CAT 2013 experience follows:
�My date with CAT was on the cool morning of the Wednesday, October 16, the first session of CAT 2013. As I walked closer to the test centre at Jaipuria Institute of Management in Noida, my test centre, the first thing I saw were the displayed banners � CAT 2013 � Test Centre’ to enable the candidates to locate their designated examination centre.
I reached the centre early at 7.50. A few candidates were already there�
Candidates began to arrive even before 8.00 A.M. for fear of traffic jams and to ensure the timely arrival at the examination centre, the gates of which were supposed to be opened before one and a half hour of the beginning of the test, scheduled at 10.00 A.M. The gates for the first session could, however, be opened with a delay of ten minutes yet didn’t mark any hindrance as the turnout was low. The staff was wearing CAT 2013 marked jackets and was more than pleased to guide you to the process. Most of the candidates, who came to take the test, were the first timers who wanted to experience the difficulty level in the test, trainers or those who wished to prepare for other entrance examinations after CAT.
Vehicles, except those of test organising team and invigilators at the centre, had to be parked outside the examination venue. The friends and relatives who accompanied their wards to the centre either had to wait outside or went away as they were not allowed the entry inside the premises. Another problem that came up was to those who had helmets and couldn’t find a place to keep them. Helmets were not allowed to be carried inside the examination centres. Security check also consumed a good deal of time. There were three test centre personnel to cross examine the Admit cards and identification documents of the candidates. A queue was formed to frisk the Candidates one by one after checking their documents. Some of the candidates carried more than the required documents and found it difficult to manage them. It was also made abundantly clear on the CAT website as well as in the published article on site �Last Minute Tips to CAT 2013’ not to carry any other small or big articles as apart from your Admit cards and identification documents, nothing will be allowed inside the testing room, although arrangements to keep small articles in a plastic bag was provided, away from the testing room.
Despite all the guidelines, a few candidates chose to carry with them, some articles as large as laptop bags. They had to face tough time at security check and even had to come back to the guard room at entry gates, requesting them to take care of their bags or so. Guards were also not in a position to oblige them as officially they couldn’t do it. Some of them went out to find a place to keep their belongings while those who had comparatively smaller bags, could manage through security check. Those who have to appear in CAT in forthcoming days should take note of this.
After the security check, every candidate had to go to the area assigned to deposit the articles he or she was carrying, except the Admit card and identification documents. The place was away from the testing room, a plastic bag was provided to keep the mobile phone in switched off mode, wrist watch and pen, any other type of stationery, spectacles’ case, vehicle keys and whatever else he or she was carrying. Some of the candidates were carrying very expensive mobile phones and wearing expensive wrist watches. They were hesitating to deposit such valuable items in simple plastic bags. Test centre doesn’t own the responsibility in case of any loss due to any reason nor do they give you any list of what you have deposited. A token against the bag was issued to the candidate to collect the items on completion of the examination.
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