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How Do I Find The Best Cat Breeder

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What should I be looking for in a cat breeder and which questions should I be asking them to make sure that they are the best for my needs?

Make a list of cat breeders in the areas you are willing to travel to.This information can be gleaned from the internet, telephone directories,local papers, pet magazines and cat groups.If you are set on a particular breed, then a quick phone call to each will eliminate those that offer other breeds.To further shorten your list,ask other cat owners for their recommendations and experiences,both positive and negative.

Once you have your shortlist, you need to visit each cat breeder and ask questions.Reputable cat breeders should be happy to answer your questions and show you around their premises. If not, you have to ask yourself if they are hiding something. Most,however are passionate about cats and will love talking about them.

Recommended Questions To Ask Each Cat Breeder;

Does the breed have any congenital defects to watch for? If so,how do they avoid breeding them into their stock. If the answer is that the breed is perfect, with no congenital defects, be wary! No breed is perfect and a reputable breeder should tell you about any possible faults.

Do they offer a health guarantee if the kitten turns out to be in bad health?

How long have they been breeding cats? How many breeds do they have? Do they show their cats? The answers to these questions should give some indication of their expertise. Concentrating on a couple of breeds,along with showing the cats, means that they are more likely to be careful about the bloodlines than breeding lots of different breeds.

How large is their breeding business. Try to avoid someone who is overwhelmed and stressed by trying to breed too many cats at one time,or who is just in it for the money and so uses mass-production.

Does the breeder give adequate care and attention to the kittens? Ask for a tour to see the kittens' living conditions. Are they handled so they are used to humans?

Have the cats been tested for infectious diseases? A reputable breeder should have records to support his answers. Any cat can become ill but it is how the breeder deals with it that is important. Sick cats should be separated from the healthy ones.

Asking these questions should give you an idea of the honesty and integrity of the cat breeders and help you with your choice.

When you have made your choice of breeder and kitten, it is a good idea to have a vet do an independent health check.A breeder with nothing to hide should not object - especially if you are paying!