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Cat Talk - Whats He Saying To You

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The Purr:
Cats (large and small) are the only animals that purr. Why?
Purring actually comes from two membrane folds, rather than being voice generated. referred to as false vocal cords and they are located in the larynx to the rear of the real vocal cords. Cats can make purring noises while both inhaling and exhaling. and with their mouths fully shut.The general thinking among scientists as to how purring is produced is this, air in the windpipe magnifies the sound of blood movement within a large vein located in the chest cavity.

For kittens(who can't see or hear), the vibration of their mother's purring can be felt, acting as a homing device, an indication for them to feed Cats don't purr just for pleasure; a deep one can also indicate pain or distress.

The Meow:
There are lots of variations: a short, soft-spoken "mew" is your cat's way of saying "hello", how are you?Cats will often make their demands for food and attention with a noisey and long "meo-o-o-o-ow".

The Ears:
There are five basic ear signals. If they point forward and slightly outward, then all is well. If the ears are erect and facing forward, they're wide awake and my explore the source of something it hears. If the ears are twitching nervously back and forth, they are edgy or nervous.

The Tail:
A tail quietly waving back and forth is a sign that the animal is contented or in deep concentration. If accompanied with growls, take care!
If tail-wagging is somewhere between heavy-duty and half-hearted, this can mean that your cat feels very indecisive at the moment. If the tail is leaning forward over the head and looking fluffed up, it means your cat is feeling like the top banana

The Eyes:
When your cat looks steadily at you, giving you several long, slow blinks, you're getting the equivalent of a kiss! Mimic the cat, they like to feel loved too!.
If you get on the same level and speak to your cat while sitting on the floor, it will immediately make your cat feel more comfortable.

The Whiskers:
They're one of your cat's most delicate sense organs. By bending the whiskers, A cat can detect the slightest disturbance in the air