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Choosing A Cat

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Your cat may be a member of your family for as long as 20 years, so it makes sense to choose carefully! Look for a healthy, active animal with a friendly attitude to ensure a good start. Male or female are equally good pets when neutered. Either a kitten or an adult cat may suit you. Kittens are irascible but have much to learn, like house-training and claw control. Adults are usually better behaved, but need time to settle in a new home.

Have a good start by being a caring cat breeder as a caring cat breeder will produce healthy kittens. Check that the mother cat has been well tended and the kittens are used to people.The breeder should have wormed the kittens, and should not allow them to leave home too young - they should be at least eight weeks old.

Cats need cat food! Dog food or household scraps do not contain the high level of animal protein they need - and even milk upsets many cat's stomachs. For a healthy diet, choose either canned cat food, fresh meat or cooked fidh. Make sure there's always fresh water, too.

Ensure that curiosity does not kill your cat by checking the house for dangers. Tuck electrical wires out of the way where they can not be chewed, and remember to put away posionous household chemicals such as bleach. With a new cat or kitten, it 's good idea to protect your home as well, by moving breakable ornaments and house plants.

New breeds are constantly in the making. In order to be aacepted as such, they fulfill certain criteria as laid down by the various cat registration associations. Some of the latter are very particular about breed qualification. Others are less strict, which is why there are thus a variable number of recognized breeds. However, most of the long established breeds are recognized by all registrations, including the famous Manx cat. A long-haired version of the Manx can be found in Canada during the mid- 1960s.

This breed would not be accepted by a number of registrations were it not for its long establishment. It is based on a generic abnormality that many associations today would outlaw.The number of cat breeds that you can choose from will be between 35-50, depending on the country you live in and which cats are accepted as breeds by the differing registration authorities.